The United Front Work Department of Hainan Provincial Party Committee and hainan Tax Bureau jointly carried out the activity of “Going to the front line to strengthen learning and improve ability”

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New client in hainan, the south China sea network on February 16, the south China metropolis daily news (reporter Ren Tong correspondent Bi-bo liu Wang Xiaolin) on February 14, hainan provincial party committee united front work department (province overseas) and the state administration of taxation revenue in haikou city of hainan province longhua district administration of taxation jointly “to a line of strong ability to study the party leading the construction of free trade port in hainan” activities.Activity, we first visited the east of haikou longhua district tax official opinions shall be wisdom, they shall be tax-related business details about their opinions, tax area, etc., to the “1 + 1 tax consulting studio” staff asked about recent taxpayer consulting hot free trade port policy and “triple consulting service system operation.”Our multi-channel, wide coverage to taxpayers, JiaoFeiRen asked to and through the hotline interactive platform, ShuiQi WeChat group and implement electronic revenue online service does not close, by wisdom first asking responsibility system and the main land tax service hall, 1 + 1 realize offline services such as consulting studio no dead Angle, by deepening the reform of tube, optimize process compressed time, accelerated the push for examination and approval of large,We will provide taxpayers and payers with high-quality, efficient and convenient tax services.”Haikou City Longhua District Tax Bureau party committee member, deputy director Wu Qingchun introduced.In the subsequent symposium, the relevant departments of hainan Tax Bureau and Haikou Tax Bureau introduced the tax policies related to the construction of the FREE Trade Port, the implementation of tax reduction and fee reduction policies in the tax system, and the implementation of tax payment system innovation facilitation, etc.The enterprise representatives who participated in the activity respectively asked questions on the spot about their own investment and operation situation and specific tax-related issues, and the relevant responsible personnel of the tax department gave detailed explanation and reply on the spot.”Through face-to-face communication, comrades from the taxation department further deepened the participants’ understanding of the tax policies of the FREE Trade Port. We look forward to building more platforms and using more forms to carry out such policy interpretation and communication activities in the future.”Chen Jianjiao, vice minister of the Provincial Party Committee’s United Front Work Department, said.Tax bureau of hainan province party committee committee member and deputy director of the PangGeXin said that the tax authorities to work seriously to build a good ability to ascend in activity, constantly improve the service the masses and the taxpayer’s ability to work, and work together with relevant departments, “expert” in the field of play to their respective advantages, do together inside and outside, better improve the quality of work,We will strive to attract more enterprises to invest in Hainan for common development and make greater contributions to the construction of a free trade port.