The whole Internet is funny. How can you do that?

2022-06-29 0 By

Suddenly found that hot list there is a pregnant Aoi excellent list, go in a look, found this wave of heat rub is really a stroke of genius.Look at the comments, most of them do not know Aoi Yoshi, I also leak someone (gulouguawen).Two flowers, don’t say Li Ghost, talk about Miss Sora.As an idol, I admit that Miss Cang has inexplicable charm, sweet smile, sincere eyes, pure face, let you direct her kind heart.I despise those who know her and try to slander her. No one has any reason to despise the choice of freedom. Moreover, the old master is also a model of not making evil money in the world.I do not want to argue for cognitive conflict, nor do I need to take sides between right and wrong, I just respect human nature, those old teachers on maternal love, kindness, sincerity, courage is the root of her respect.I give it up for Sora!