What equipment should be equipped for the upgrade and transformation of traditional fire command center?

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With the continuous progress of industrialization and urbanization, China’s industrial chain and supply chain have become increasingly complex, and the production and living space is highly interconnected. Disaster exposure, vulnerability and vulnerability of various subjects have increased significantly, which is a severe test for the traditional fire protection system.In view of the disadvantages of traditional fire management mode, the concept of intelligent fire protection arises at the historic moment.The establishment of intelligent fire control system can effectively assist city managers to handle and control security incidents and reduce the loss of people’s lives and property.Figure source | network referred to build intelligent fire control system, many users tend to consider is how powerful software system integration, how perfect management function configuration, but ignored the configuration of hardware devices.So, what equipment should the traditional fire command center be equipped with to build an intelligent fire control system?Fire command fire command center, the most important is security disaster danger the timeliness of processing, intelligent fire control system through the integration of information processing function of the equipment and show more collaborative operation of equipment configuration, the combination of information processing for fire command center to provide guarantee, the wisdom of fire “brain” to be able to cope with emergencies in time,Obtain the scene situation and disposal process in the first time to achieve fast and reliable command.According to the actual situation and actual requirements of massive information processing of intelligent fire fighting, the fire command center has equipped intelligent fire fighting solutions with virtual digital sand table, three-screen data analysis workstation, combined multimedia workstation and other information equipment.Fire Command Center virtual digital sand table:Different from traditional entity sand table, wonderful artical excelling nature virtualization technology digital sand table support sound, light and electronic information technology fusion processing, has more dynamic model show, Angle switching, image scaling effect, carrying model display, data analysis, situational, preview command, resource deployment, model demonstration annotation, and other functions, easily implement multi-channel information display,Assist fire command center to respond quickly.Virtual digital sandtable three-screen data analysis workstation: the workstation adopts the appearance of science and technology style and three-screen surround display design, which can complete instant information display, information sharing and on-site information analysis on the same platform.Built in a variety of data interfaces, the fire center can expand the corresponding equipment according to the actual needs, improve the function of the workstation.Three-screen data analysis workstations Combined multimedia workstations: The combined multimedia workstations support multi-screen display and multi-mode collocation, and can be combined according to user requirements to achieve collaborative operations between two, three and multiple people.With the support of 5G, Internet of things, big data and other technologies, and the promotion of the 14th five-year new infrastructure policy, intelligent fire fighting has made great progress, which puts forward new requirements for the data processing capability of the command center.The integration of technology and information equipment can give more functions to the intelligent fire control command center, lay a solid foundation for the intelligent fire control system, and better protect the life and property safety of the people.