You should definitely know why Zhengzhou is called Zhengzhou

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In 581, Yang Jian, emperor Wen of the Sui Dynasty, founded the Sui Dynasty and soon unified China, putting an end to the long period of disunity during the Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties.Sui wendi has carried on the reform of local organizational system, since the north Korean system of a state, county, and county levels to the state and county level 2 system, will the Xing when their state renamed zhengzhou, their xingyang, ChengGao, dense, seeks (namely ZhongMou, because taboo sui wendi Yang jian father Yang Zhongzhi name, will be seeks zhongmou county to county), YuanLing (now northeast of xinzheng), and other county,Chenggao (now Zhengzhou Xingyang Sishui town).Since then, zhengzhou one began to be used in today’s Zhengzhou area.Sui Kaihuang sixteen years (596), Guancheng (now Zhengzhou Guancheng district) from Zhongmou county carved out an independent county.In the same year, Zhengzhou was renamed Guan Zhou, and the prefecture administration was transferred from Chenggao to Guan Cheng, under the jurisdiction of guan Cheng, Chenggao, Xingyang, Xinzheng, Yuanling, Guangwu, Zhongmu and other 12 counties.Sui Daye two years (606 years), tube state and called Zhengzhou.During the Tang Dynasty, the administrative construction of Zhengzhou changed from time to time.Tang Gaozu Wude four years (621), divided zhengzhou, state.Zhengzhou jurisdiction mi County, Si Shui, Xingyang, Yingze, Chenggao five counties, zhou Wu Lao (now Zhengzhou Xingyang Si Shui Town);Guan Zhou guan Cheng, Putian, Xushui, Qingchi (now a xinzheng) four counties, zhou Guan City.In the first year of Zhenguan of Emperor Taizong of tang Dynasty (627), zhou, Xushui and Qingchi counties were merged into Zhengzhou.Zhenguan seven years (633 years), Zhengzhou prefecture from Wulao moved to Guancheng (now Zhengzhou Guancheng).Since then, until the early Ming Dynasty, Zhengzhou administration was located in guancheng.In the first year of Tianbao (742), Zhengzhou was renamed Xingyang Prefecture.In 758, it cancelled the name of Xingyang County and was still called Zhengzhou.The Sui and Tang dynasties were prosperous periods in China’s feudal society.Zhengzhou area is located in the central Plains of China, is located in the main traffic road, especially the opening of the Grand Canal and tongji canal, zhengzhou is located in the middle of the tongji canal benefited a lot, zhengzhou’s economy gradually prosperity.During the Sui Dynasty, Luokou Granary was built in Gongxian County, Zhengzhou, storing more than 20 million Dan of grain, making it the largest granary in China at that time.During the Tang Dynasty, Zhengzhou was the only place to go from Chang ‘an, the capital of tang Dynasty, to southeast China and Shandong.Zhengzhou’s handicraft industry is also very developed, the silk produced by the country famous.The Tang Dynasty was the most brilliant period of Chinese feudal culture. Zhengzhou, located in the Central Plains, was a place of great cultural prosperity with a large number of talented people and many cultural celebrities.For example, du Fu, the poet saint, was born in Gongxian County of Zhengzhou.Bai Juyi, a great poet, was born in Xinzheng, Zhengzhou.The great poet Li Shangyin was born in Zhengzhou.Zheng Qian, a famous man specializing in calligraphy, poetry and painting, was born in Xingyang, Zhengzhou, and so on.Today’s Zhengzhou urban area, qin, Han, Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties under the jurisdiction of Xingyang or Zhongmou County.In 581, Yang Jian, emperor Wen of the Sui Dynasty, founded the Sui Dynasty and soon unified China, ending the long period of division and fragmentation during the Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties.Emperor Wen of sui Dynasty reformed the local organizational system, changing the three-tier system of prefectures, counties and counties that had been practiced since the Northern Dynasty to the two-tier system of prefectures and counties.Emperor Kaihuang three years (583 years), the Sui government renamed northern Zhou Yingzhou zhengzhou, Chenggao (now Zhengzhou Xingyang Sishui town), under the jurisdiction of Xingyang, Chenggao, Mi, mou (namely, because of the name of the emperor Yang Jian’s father Yang Zhong, zhongmou County changed to mou County), Yuan Ling (now northeast of Xinzheng) and other counties.Since then, zhengzhou one began to be used in today’s Zhengzhou area.Why change yingzhou for Zhengzhou, it is related to the State of Zheng.At the end of the Western Zhou Dynasty, King Xuan of Zhou conferred ji You, his younger brother, in the state of Zheng, located in present-day Huaxian county, Shaanxi Province.After the western zhou dynasty perish, son of the duke huan of zheng Zheng Wugong escorted his drought-striken fields Wang Dongqian luoyang, on the other hand, zheng also moved to today’s xingyang, xinzheng, dense county area (zheng will capital moving from county in shaanxi province to xinzheng for 769 BC), the future generations to distinguish western zhou dynasty old zheng county, shaanxi province to the spring and autumn period and the warring states period guo-dong zheng countries called xinzheng after moving.Xinzheng, as the capital of zheng, existed for more than 390 years.In 375 BC, Han destroyed the state of Zheng and moved the capital of Han from Yangzhai to Zheng (Xinzheng).Han made its capital 145 years after Xinzheng, and was destroyed by the state of Qin in 230 BC.Qin set Up Yingchuan prefecture here and administered Xinzheng, Yangcheng and other counties.In the seventh year of Wuding of eastern Wei (549), Yingzhou was changed to Zhengzhou, yingyin was administered, xuchang County, Yingchuan County, And Yangzhai County, with jurisdiction equal to the central and northern part of today’s Xuchang area.This area was xu in the early western Zhou And zheng in the Spring and Autumn Period.Therefore, the name of “Zhengzhou” instead of “Yingzhou” in The Eastern Wei dynasty may be related to the fact that this area was once the territory of Zheng.During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the administrative structure and administration of Zhengzhou changed from time to time. It was not until 633, the 7th year of Zhenguan, when Zhengzhou moved to Guancheng (now Guancheng District of Zhengzhou city), that the administrative system and administration of Zhengzhou were fixed.From then on until the early Ming Dynasty, zhengzhou’s government offices were located in guan Cheng.Editor: Yao Yao