Hard pen calligraphy entry basic stroke writing tutorial, pure dry goods

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First, horizontal writing method in all kinds of basic strokes, horizontal painting is most used.A cross acts as a beam in a word.In regular script, horizontal painting is good or bad, related to the bone strength of the word.Especially long horizontal, must write smooth, vigorous, thick, clever.Do not write as dull as a stick.Horizontal has long horizontal and short horizontal points.1, long horizontal long horizontal writing method is: the pen, from heavy to light, and then from light to heavy, to the right pen, and finally back to the front.Writing long horizontal, in the heart of the formula: “heavy – light – heavy – back to the front”.Long horizontal strokes are the main stroke in every word.Be sure to write carefully.The long horizontal shape is thick on both sides, thin in the middle, with a slight upward arc in the middle, looking like an arched bridge.When writing, it slopes up slightly, between 3 and 5 degrees.Such as: “a” character.2, short horizontal short horizontal is also called “left sharp horizontal”.The writing method is to start light, from light to heavy, to the right, and finally back to the edge of the pen.Write short horizontal heart to recite the formula: “light – heavy – back to the front”.The short horizontal form is pointed on the left and rounded on the right.Strokes are flat but not curved, with slightly inclined potential, such as: “two, three” and other words.Note that short bars sometimes need to be longer.Vertical painting often plays a key supporting role in a word, and must be written straight and firm.If it is not straight, it is not straight.The vertical is divided into top tip vertical, hanging dew vertical, hanging needle vertical and short vertical.1, top tip vertical top tip vertical writing method is: start light, from light to heavy, down, and finally back to the front.Write tip upright when the musing formula: “light – heavy – back to the front”.The vertical apex is pointed at the top, rounded at the bottom, and sometimes tilted slightly to the left or right.Such as: “work, wang” and other words.2. Vertical point (left point) Vertical point is also called “left point”.The writing method is from light to heavy left next stroke, slightly curved, and finally back to the front.The formula “light – heavy – back to the front”.The vertical point is often used beside the vertical heart or the treasure cover, and sometimes it needs to tilt left or right.The vertical point is pointed at the top and rounded at the bottom.Shaped like a falling drop of water.Such as “repentance, zhou” and other words.2, qu tou pen slightly heavy, from heavy to light, and then from light to heavy twists and turns to the lower right pen, pen in place after heavy press, finally to the right to pick up the pen.Formula: “slightly heavy – light – heavy press – na out”.Curving head na form is like a big knife, to write stretch open, sharp and powerful.Such as: “into, eight” and other words.3, the writing method of ping Na ping na is exactly the same as qu Tou Na, but the direction of the pen is different, the pen should be to the right, slightly downward tilt, and pay attention to the shape of twists and turns, not straight, such as water waves.Such as: “of, lack” and other words.4, anti na (long point) anti na is also called “long point”.The reverse writing method is the same as the side point, or it can be said that the side point on the basis of the longer.Such as: “head, not” and other words.3, vertical lift (right hook) vertical lift is also called “right hook”.The writing method is to write down the pen, the pen is in place, pause slightly, and then to the upper right hook.Formula: “pen – pen – pen – pick out”.The writing method and shape of vertical lift are exactly the same as the vertical hook, but the hook is upward to the right.Such as: “yi, long” and other words.Writing method: Write down, write down, turn right after the line is in place, stop slightly at the hook, and finally hook out.Formula: “pen – pen – turn – pen – hook”.The vertical hook looks like a big goose with its chest forward and head and neck slightly tilted back, floating on the water, so it is also called “floating goose hook”.When writing, note that the vertical part is slightly tilted to the left, the middle turn should be smooth, the lower part is horizontal and slightly downward in an arc, and the hook point is raised upward.The upper part of a word with a vertical hook should be left, and the hook should be on the far right of the word.For example: “Yuan, light.3. There are three ways to write skimming.(1) composition of prime and lift.The way to write it is to write a short stroke, pause the pen at the fold, and then pick it up and pick it up to the right.Such as: “cloud, Taiwan” and other words.(2), the composition of skimming and horizontal.The writing method is to write a short stroke first, and then turn the pen to the right to write a short horizontal, such as: “east, car” and other words.(3), skimming and anti-na composition.Writing method is from heavy to light write skimming, and then from light to heavy to the right to write down.Note: the Angle should be different according to the different characters, and the pen should be clear.Such as: “female, mother” and other words.4. Cross hook