More convenient!New version of “Yunnan tour” support return “door-to-door pickup”

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Sent on February 13th China tourism press entitled “more convenient! The new” swim “in yunnan return” the door to take “support” of the article focus on the new “swim” in yunnan core functionality upgrade can bring more convenient service for visitors to return the full text is as follows: recently, the “swim” in yunnan App 5.4.1 version of the update, the core function of “return” ushered in the major update.Under the guidance of Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Tengyun, the developer and operator of “Yunnan Tour” platform, and JINGdong Express have further optimized the “return” function to facilitate and benefit users, helping tourists to place an order with one click, conveniently return goods, and enjoy the benefits of discounted postage.In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of tourists, Yunnan province has launched a 30-day return policy for tourists’ shopping since May 1, 2019. Any tourist can enjoy the 30-day return service for tourists’ shopping in Yunnan.Tourists can use the “Yunnan Travel” App and “Yunnan Travel” mini program “I want to return” function, online return, telephone return, voice return;You can also go to any of the return service points for on-site returns.Since the launch of the “return” function, tengyun team has been iterating and upgrading according to the requirements of yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism.In the previous version, when tourists and merchants reached a return agreement under the coordination of government departments, they had to find their own express delivery to send the purchased travel products back to the merchants for a refund.In this upgrade, the development team of “Yunnan Travel” App added the reservation entry of JD Express into the return service process of “Yunnan Travel” App and mini program while retaining the function of “mail by yourself”.When tourists reach a return agreement with the merchants, they can directly click “pick up items” on the App. After entering the address, the system will automatically distribute the items to THE deliveryman of JD, and enjoy the benefits of 20% discount of the delivery fee.After the Courier picks up the item, tourists can also check the status of the item in real time and know the progress of their return.When the merchant receives the goods and checks them undamaged, the refund process can be completed.The “Travel to Yunnan” platform to upgrade the return service with JINGdong Express is a typical practice of Tengyun holding hands with domestic partners to create a smart cultural travel ecosystem.In the future, Tengyun will continue to cooperate with jingdong and other strategic partners to explore the new space of intelligent culture and tourism industry.This upgrade is the 96th iteration of “Youyunan” App since it was officially launched on October 1, 2018. Teng Yun Company still maintains the progress of updating more than twice a month on average, and constantly improves the services, functions and experience of “Youyunan” App and small programs.The update also includes the launch of new and coupon functions on the Spring Festival special interface of “Visit Yunnan”, and further strengthens the protection of user privacy and security.Source: China Tourism News