Flashing lights to protect safety, fire rescue and warm people’s hearts

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Editor’s note, the Spring Festival means to hold for the police, a loyal Chinese New Year is no exception although they missed the reunion but never absent from duty they use a small home not round in gathering the stick, I also very happy Spring Festival on-the-job peace not close zhoucun patrol police to carry out unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) Find the fire in time saves on February 7th in the morning,Zibo City Public Security Bureau Zhoucun branch chengbei Road police station community police led the UAV team to carry out daily patrol work, patrol the area for the storage of dangerous goods or other security risks, when the patrol near Shenjia Village, found shenjia village north dump fire, smoke billowing from the scene.Police quickly drove to the scene, arrived at the site, found that there is a lot of garbage and dry wood, if not timely rescue will cause greater harm.Police timely contact village committee personnel, together with the use of sprinkler and fire extinguisher, only with less than half an hour will be the open fire, to avoid further spread of the fire, police fire behavior has been the scene of the villagers unanimous praise.Here, zibo police to remind the general public friends, dry winter weather, easy to cause fire accidents, in daily production and life should always be vigilant to avoid disaster.On the morning of February 7, tang Fang police station police patrol in the area, found an abandoned factory yard smoke.Police quickly entered the plant to check the situation, found that a pile of household garbage caused a small fire.The fire is getting bigger and bigger, accompanied by the sound of exploding mosquito bottles, surrounded by weeds and close to residential areas. If the fire is not put out in time, it may cause more serious consequences.The police quickly called 119 and cleaned up the surrounding weeds to block the spread of the fire.After the fire rescue personnel arrived at the scene, the police on the scene to help the fire extinguishing personnel together, confirm that there is no recurrence before leaving the scene.Heard the news came to the masses of the police timely fire behavior have given praise.On the morning of February 8, fengshui Police Station of Economic Development Zone Branch of Zibo Public Security Bureau found a man lying motionless on the ground in a green belt at the entrance of a village in Fengshui Town while patrolling key roads and streets.Police saw immediately off the car to ask, the man curled up on the ground, the body exuded heavy alcohol, the electric car fell in the grass on the side of the road, suspected drunk bike fell.After preliminary examination, the police tried to wake the man up and ask him for information, but the man was not conscious and spoke incoherently, so the police could not obtain effective information.After repeated calls from the police, the man regained consciousness. When the police asked if he needed to be sent to a hospital for treatment, the man said his family lived nearby and insisted on walking home.Considering that the man was in an intoxicated state, the police found his family’s contact number from the man’s mobile phone contacts and waited for the family to pick him up before leaving the scene.Zibo police warm heart remind: drink happy, drink to hurt the body, cold weather do not drink, so as not to fall drunk roadside frostbite body;Drunk should be accompanied, beware of being alone, in order to avoid accidents.