In 2021, four “innovation cluster” enterprises will be added in Changping District

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In recent years, Changping District Association for Science and Technology has given full play to its organizational advantages, promoted the deep integration of scientific and technological innovation with economic and social development, and provided power for enhancing the independent innovation ability and core competitiveness of enterprises. In 2021, Changping District will add 4 “innovation cluster” enterprises.As a new exploration of service innovation driven by the Municipal Association for Science and Technology, “Innovation cluster” enterprises are established relying on the association for Enterprise Science and Technology. According to the technology and training needs of enterprises, they can contact relevant experts for enterprises and help enterprises improve their innovation ability.According to the needs of enterprises, enterprises “order a meal” and SCI-TECH innovation services of “nanny style” organized by SCI-TECH association and experts’ precise docking help enterprises to tackle scientific and technological problems and innovate and develop.Beijing Xunogu Biotechnology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Xunogu) is the first commercial pet cloning enterprise with completely independent intellectual property rights in China, the world’s largest number of cloned animal species biotechnology service enterprise and the international leading animal gene editing commercial technology service enterprise.Since it was settled in Changping District in 2016, Changping District has given the company great support in technology upgrading, talent introduction and other aspects, and the company has achieved rapid development. Currently, the company has applied for a total of 28 patents, and in 2021, it has applied for 5 new patents and authorized 6 new patents.In November, Xino Valley company successfully became changping District innovation cluster enterprises, enterprise development rose to a new level.And valley companies the same as “innovation clusters”, changping district the day of the new f (Beijing) medical equipment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the day of the new company) is a technology as the forerunner, independent research and development, production, sales as one of the national high and new, zhongguancun high-tech enterprises, the leading industries in the field of third class medical planted instruments.Since 2002 in changping, new day f the company is committed to regenerative medicine and tissue repair engineering related products research and development work, received the support of the municipal party committee, gained great development, the company has thousands of and hundreds of clean production workshop, research and development laboratory, equipped with international level of production and testing equipment, has formed a high efficient and advanced production and research and development system,And the company has a total of 36 patents, including 21 invention patents, in 2021, the company won four Beijing “three new” new technology and new products (services) certificates.In order to promote the deep integration of scientific and technological innovation and economic and social development, Changping District Association for Science and Technology gives full play to its organizational advantages, serves innovation-driven development, and provides power for enhancing enterprises’ independent innovation ability and core competitiveness.In changping district high and new technology enterprise establish workstation 1 academician of experts, enterprises association for five, enterprises “innovation cluster” 4, 20 times enterprise association for science and technology symposium organization construction work, to help promote the industry technology upgrades, training, new industries, promote innovation entrepreneurship, build production, joint innovation platform, and based on a popular science huimin network construction enterprise innovation service platform,Bring “innovation cluster” enterprises and enterprises that intend to establish enterprise science and technology association and innovation cluster into the platform to promote exchanges.Next, changping district association will give full play to the talent intelligence association for science and technology system and network advantages, use of expert workstation reward policy, to develop the enterprises “innovation clusters”, changping district, service for science and technology workers, propaganda promotion outstanding scientific and technological personnel, help science development, efforts to foster new economic growth point, changping district economic and social development and high quality service.Photo and text/stone crystal