Pay homage to revolutionary martyrs and inherit the red gene!Huangshan Supply and marketing Group Party committee to carry out tomb-sweeping activities

2022-07-01 0 By

Coming in tomb sweeping day, and as a reminder of revolutionary martyrs, to revisit the party’s history, carry forward the spirit of patriotism, further promote party history education, study on April 2nd, supply and marketing group, party organizations directly affiliated party branch members went to huangshan huangshan city martyr cemetery at memorial “revolutionary martyrs, red inheritance gene” as the theme of the ching Ming festival activities of martyrs.In front of the monument to the heroes in the Martyrs cemetery, all party members lined up and stood in silence.Then, to the revolutionary martyrs to offer flowers, visit the martyrs tombstone, pay respects to the revolutionary martyrs monument, learn the heroic deeds, review the pledge of party membership, feel the martyrs selfless dedication and indomitable revolutionary spirit.This activity is a profound revolutionary tradition education practice lesson, further stimulated party members’ patriotic enthusiasm.Through this activity, the party members unanimously said that in the future work will continue to carry forward the revolutionary spirit, inherit the martyrs will, draw forward strength, with excellent results to meet the party’s twenty victory held.