Tang Xiaoping, Secretary of Shapingba District Party Committee, on the first day of the Start of the Year of the Tiger

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Photo taken on Feb 7, 2018 shows the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday in the Year of the Tiger.Tang Xiaoping, secretary of Shapingba District Party Committee, visited some district-level departments and visited the cadres and workers.To adhere to xi jinping, he insisted, the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, further implement the policy decisions and municipal party committee work requirements, shapingba district, the full implementation of the 13th congress spirit, always keep vigorous vitality, riveting sufficient motivation, be, in the New Year to create new results, new contribution,Shapingba has become stronger at a new starting point.Tang Xiaoping first came to shapingba district commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision of the commission organs, and the cadres and workers cordial exchanges.He pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that a place must have a good political ecology to achieve political harmony, stability and order.In front to keep in mind the general secretary of discipline inspection entrust talk, earnestly study and implement the 19th session of the central commission for discipline inspection six times all the spirit and the municipal, district commission for discipline inspection all the specific deployment, remain forever in the persistent and awake on the road, keep to the blade inward, to self revolution political courage, to promote the further development of comprehensive governing party, strive to create a fresh air wind is good politics.We should consolidate and expand the achievements in party history study and education, vigorously promote the Hongyan Spirit, promptly translate the results of our work into institutional achievements, and constantly promote the high-quality development of discipline inspection and supervision in the new era.In Shapingba District sasAC, Tang Xiaoping stressed that we should thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important discussion on the reform and development of state-owned enterprises, dare to assume responsibility, take the initiative, and continue to deepen the reform of regional State-Owned enterprises.We should close loopholes, set up standards, and strengthen weak links in the light of actual conditions. We should encourage regional soes to reshape their decision-making, assessment and evaluation mechanisms, and speed up the transformation of soes.We should guide soes in the district to arrange investment projects scientifically and continuously improve their investment and operation capacity.In Shapingba District Finance Bureau, Tang Xiaoping stressed that we should learn and understand Xi Jinping’s economic thought, accurately grasp the spirit of the central Committee, the Municipal Party Committee and the district Committee’s economic work conference, emancipate the mind, innovate with determination, take active actions, and constantly improve the level of financial work.We must adhere to financial management for the public, financial management for the people, carefully study policies, take the initiative to seize opportunities, actively seek support, scientific arrangement of financial resources, to stabilize the overall situation of the market and ensure that enterprises and people’s livelihood.We will carry out a ten-point comprehensive review of existing assets and effectively forestall debt risks.And natural resources in shapingba district planning bureau, xiao-ping tang stressed that to study and implement comprehensive xi general secretary about national spatial planning work and about the importance of natural resource management, this paper further improve forward-looking and scientific work, careful planning of land and space, scientific management of natural resources, firmly hold the bottom line, give play to the role of good planning to lead and control.”Embroidered kung fu”, to the feet with the idea of “painting on the earth”, around the “features” three big operation, from the perspective of the history, culture, ecology, fine update old city, eastern central high level with “poetry”, high quality construction in western new town, to provide the appearance of the building pearls into people like strong planning and support.In the Shapingba District Committee, Tang Xiaoping stressed that institutional staffing resources are important political resources and governing resources, and institutional staffing is an important work of the Party.We need to thoroughly study and implement the guiding principles of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech on institutional staffing, truly shoulder our responsibilities and missions, strictly control the use of “checkpoints” in institutional staffing, and put an end to “setting up posts based on personnel.”We should focus on the center and serve the overall situation, strengthen the research on the management of key fields and key work institutions, further optimize the establishment of institutions, make full use of the limited establishment resources, make good use of them, and promote the work of regional institutions to a new level.Upstream news reporter Li Jieli correspondent Yu Qing Guo Jin