Wuhan Customs continues to shorten the clearance time to facilitate cross-border trade

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Wuhan customs officers to central trains on-site supervision of goods (figure) wuhan customs for figure Beijing, wuhan, April 8 (Reuters) – Rosa Lv Jin) the reporter learns from wuhan customs 8, on the basis of overall import and export customs clearance time last year, this year in wuhan customs trying to again compressed 20% respectively, the import customs clearance time 39 hours whole,The overall clearance time for exports is 0.88 hours, further optimizing the business environment at ports and improving cross-border trade facilitation.In recent years, Hubei province has proposed to build a high-level and open inland “new coastal area”. In 2021, the import and export volume of Hubei province exceeded 530 billion yuan, a record high.With the increase of import and export scale, the customs clearance efficiency of Wuhan customs port has also been further improved.In 2021, the overall customs clearance time for imports and exports in Hubei will be reduced to 48.8 hours and 1.1 hours, respectively, down 83.07% and 96.46% compared with 2017.Quarantine examination and approval procedures, for complete data, from the original 20 working days to 24 hours;In the on-site inspection process, the time is limited to 4 hours to complete;Promoting “early filing”…In order to reduce the overall customs clearance time, Wuhan Customs has formulated 29 measures in four aspects, including comprehensively reducing the business handling time and optimizing the customs clearance mode, said Tian Shuai, director of the comprehensive business Department of Wuhan Customs.The whole chain of customs clearance is sorted out in multiple directions, and the approval link before customs clearance, inspection and visa link after customs clearance are all brought into time management, so as to minimize the time limit of customs clearance.”Wuhan Customs has introduced a number of innovative measures to facilitate customs clearance, which has become a ‘sharp tool’ to reduce the overall customs clearance time.”For example, under the premise of strengthening the quality and safety responsibility of import and export food enterprises, the implementation of “sample release” for import and export fresh perishable food has greatly shortened the time of customs clearance, said Lu Yanping, chief of the business operation and standards department of Wuhan Customs Comprehensive Business Department.Taking fresh eggs supplied to Hong Kong as an example, after the application of this innovative measure, the average clearance time of products is reduced by 5 to 7 days, the circulation of products is accelerated by 7 to 10 days, and the warehousing cost and the risk of commodity spoilage are reduced.Tian shuai said that in the next step, Wuhan Customs will further carry out special actions to reduce the overall customs clearance time, achieve customs clearance efficiency and optimize the port business environment, and help hubei’s foreign trade high-quality development.Source: Chinanews.com