Fuzhou east Second Ring Road began to use ramp signal lights on April 26

2022-07-02 0 By

According to the overall speed of the second ring Road, which is “separation of the main and the auxiliary, the main and the main speed up”, fuzhou public security traffic management department and road construction department have recently promoted the construction of wuliting overpass and chemical elevated ramp signal control system along the East Second Ring Road to alleviate the congestion.On The 24th, the reporter learned from the traffic management bureau of the Fuzhou Public Security Bureau that these signal lights will be put into trial operation tomorrow.At the appointed time, morning and evening peak hours, the east side of the Wuliting overpass to the north right ramp, the implementation of two lanes of alternating green traffic.Chemical road east turn right into the ramp of the main road of Lianjiang road, ramp signal light will be on in the evening, all vehicles are prohibited to turn right on the bridge.Traffic police remind, ramp signal control system during the opening, please pay attention to observe the traffic lights and signs marked line.