How to manage emotion well?That’s all I need to see

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Napoleon once said, “The man who can control his emotions is greater than the general who can carry a city.”If a person can control his emotions and always be kind to others, he will have a high quality of life.Now the workplace or life often appear a lot of unhappy things, how to do emotional management?You can read the following four books.❤️ hope that each screen in front of you, can do a good job of emotional management.Title: “to want to cry you” author: loose PuMi aso the book without commanding truth, pine PuMi aso the uncle has a rich experience and life achievement middle-aged, quietly sitting beside you, amicably out one small practical life philosophy, help to regain the happiness and warmth strength, let us become better myself.The author of the book to their own weaknesses as material, the troubles in life for immersive analysis, to help people in the heart of disorder, let the heart from a lot of trouble rescued.Most of the fetters in life come from small emotional changes. Managing emotions well has become a necessary condition for social interaction.Koike Ryunosuke from Japan, with simple Dharma, simple truth, witty writing to analyze the easy to cause emotional fluctuations in life points, and put forward solutions to help you eliminate troubles, a good life!The influence of emotion on a person is huge, learn to effectively control emotion, maintain emotional stability, is a very important process of cultivation in our life.The book begins with what emotions are and the importance of controlling them. It points out that many troubles in life are actually caused by emotional instability.Then from the understanding of negative emotions, control of bad emotions, psychological effects of emotion, easing the emotional pressure rules, emotional training and other aspects of how to achieve emotional stability.The future years will be long, still worth looking forward to.How can one live one’s life without failing life?Face the ultimate question of life, as a psychological doctor 70 nakamura constant, the author of the wisdom of life in 90, into a book six chapters about work, love, relationships, happiness, sincere proverbs topics such as death, accompanied by countless people through the muddy period in life, let them live in recognizing the truth after, still have the courage to love life.There is always a sentence that clears your mind, makes you feel the power of life, and makes you realize that “this is your life” and that “life is worth living” if you live it yourself.# emotion management ## Reading ## Reading recommendations ## Positivity #