In 2013, the old man hacked and killed his son’s family, including his grandson, later saying that he had “cut off the grass and roots”.

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What is the reason behind the heinous attack on his son, daughter-in-law and two young grandchildren?As the old saying goes: tiger poison does not eat children.Why did this turn into a tragedy in an admirable family?Why did an old man who was already over 50 kill all four of his own sons?On the morning of March 12, 2013, Lee wanted to visit his daughter at her son-in-law’s house, but he decided to visit her in person.When he arrived at his daughter’s house, he found the door locked and the house full of bodies. All four members of the family had been killed.So Li quickly reported to the police, the police received a report from the masses, immediately rushed to the scene.The dead were 26-year-old villagers Named Zhu Gen and his wife Surnamed Chen, and their two sons, aged three and one.What was the killer’s vendetta against the family?Why would they kill their entire family?Family tragedy investigators immediately to the scene of the investigation, which zhu Gan’s death is the most tragic.The killer seemed to hate Jugan so much that he not only hit him with a blunt object, but stabbed him with a knife.Because there was no financial loss in jugan’s family and jugan’s death was so tragic, it was probably a vendetta!After visiting the neighborhood, investigators found that one of the dead, Jugan, was known for his short temper, and he was particularly petty, always arguing with others.But the biggest quarrel was between his brother and his father, Zhu Jingsi!Jugan’s brother is also very angry with this younger brother, think he is no conscience, only care about money!What did Jugan do to make his own brother hate him so much?Who the hell killed Jugan?After the police quickly solved the case, the results surprised everyone, because the murderer is not other people, but the victim Zhu Gen’s father Zhu Jing four.In the early morning of March 11, 2013, Zhu Jingsi, armed with knives, steel pipes, three-ring locks and other tools prepared in advance, went to his son Zhu Gen’s home and killed all four members of his family in their sleep.Because Zhu Jingsi’s son, is 200 jins of 1.8 meters tall, so in order to successfully kill his son, three days before the incident, Zhu Jingsi in his hometown county ready to commit the crime tools.Since the house was built by Zhu Jingsi, he had no trouble sneaking into his son’s yard with a ladder around 2:30 am on March 11.Very familiar with the structure of the house zhu Jing four smoothly into the son of the bedroom inside, then Zhu Jing four like the devil possessed, began to kill his son a family of 4.First, Zhu hit his son two or three times on his body with a stick, but the son did not respond, so he continued to kill his son with other tools.Who knows, in the process of killing his son, daughter-in-law Chen mou suddenly woke up.Chen saw her husband being hurt, so she reacted quickly and grabbed Zhu jingsi’s neck.So, Zhu Jingsi did not hesitate to his daughter-in-law continued to wield a butcher’s knife, bayonet his son and daughter-in-law have been killed.In this room, in addition to his son Zhu Gen and daughter-in-law Chen mou, there are two young ignorant children, they are three years old and only a year old.Even after killing his son and daughter-in-law, Zhu jingsi could not control his evil behavior and even strangled his three-year-old grandson and trampled his one-year-old grandson to death.According to the truth, this young child will not pose any threat to Zhu Jingsi, nor will he resist him, there is no conflict between the two grandchildren and Zhu Jingsi.Why did Zhu Jingsi still hurt them cruelly?Zhu jingsi said he was mad at his son and his daughter-in-law.So he didn’t hesitate to kill them both.Zhu Jingsi will kill his son’s family of four, can be said to be very cruel and crazy, what is the reason for his incarnation as the devil?Is money more important than family ties?Zhu Jingsi’s name built two houses, just two sons one, but because the value of the house is different, so the son Zhu Gen is not satisfied with zhu Jingsi’s distribution.But Zhu Jingsi thinks that the two sons hand back and palm are meat, both are very fond of, there will be no partiality.Since the market value of the house that zhu Gen was assigned to was several times different from that of his eldest son, Zhu Jingsi also took other things to compensate zhu Gen.But Zhu gen is still not satisfied, his son Zhu Gen even often beat abuse Zhu Jingsi.Besides his son, Zhu Gen, was there any irreconcilable contradiction between his daughter-in-law and Zhu Jingsi?On weekdays, daughter-in-law Chen also often complain to Zhu Jingsi, usually not enough money.But Zhu jingsi had spent a lot of money on Chen and his son, so he felt that Chen had no money to spend, because he wasted money freely.On weekdays, even though Chen cooked a meal at home, he still went out to eat. He did not know how to be thrifty. Zhu Jingsi had given him a large sum of money, but he still did not know how to be satisfied.As the relationship between his son and daughter-in-law and Zhu Jingsi is not harmonious, there have been many big contradictions.In order to appease the discontent of zhu Gen, zhu Jingsi’s eldest son was finally decided to compensate zhu Gen with 60,000 yuan under the mediation of the village committee.But the 60,000 yuan is zhu Jingsi out of a person, so Zhu gen more dissatisfied, the contradiction between them has not been eliminated.As the price of the house of Zhu Jingsi’s eldest son rose a lot, zhu Jingsi’s youngest son became more and more jealous of his brother’s house, so he poured out all the contradictions on Zhu Jingsi.Because Zhu Gen has been unwilling to give up, every day with this matter and Zhu Jing four quarrel, so Zhu Jing four feel that the little son is more and more unreasonable, full of only money.Since the son did not love his parents, Zhu Jingsi felt that his heart was as dead as ashes for his son.Zhu jingsi and his wife used to live with Zhu gen, but zhu gen was very unhappy with him, so they often fight.In order to avoid family conflicts, Zhu jingsi and his wife had to go to work far away.During the working period, Zhu Jingsi wanted to go home for such a long time, but he did not dare to go home.On his first trip home, before he met his youngest son, Jugan, they said that the boy was coming to cut him with a knife.Jugan reacted quickly, but also saw his son Jugan’s waist pinned a large knife, so he quickly fled.Zhu Jingsi said he even his own time next to more than 30 people have seen.In February 2012, a relative died, so Zhu jingsi wanted to return home to pay his respects.But when he got home, he found that his son Jugan had thrown away all his things, and he didn’t seem to have a home anymore.As the saying goes, how zhu Jingsi did not think he would turn against his own son!Gradually, he became more and more disappointed in his youngest son, Jugan!Jugan went too far, not only throwing away his parents’ clothes, but also chasing them with a stick.As the conflict with their youngest son was irreconcilable, the old couple could not go home even though they were homesick.When see others can be happy to go home for the Spring Festival, see the children round.However, Zhu Jingsi had a home and could not go back, so his hatred for his son Zhu Gen became more and more intense.Zhu jingsi said he had wanted to come home to pay tribute to his parents and talk to his elder brother, who had also been very kind to him.Only when Zhu Jingsi wanted to go home, Zhu Gen would take a knife to him.Later, Zhu Jingsi could no longer stand this kind of life, he could not stand the two years of his son Zhu Gan beat him.So Zhu Jingsi’s hatred for his son reached the extreme, and finally made a crazy move.But zhu Jingsi and two life and death between is no threat, why also to two one and three years old grandson pain under the killer?Zhu jingsi said his first thought was to get revenge on his son, and he didn’t think much about it.Even if the two grandchildren did not resist, and do not have the ability to arrest Zhu Jing four, Zhu Jing four or his own grandson personally killed, very crazy!Maybe Zhu Jingsi wanted to kill all four of them from the beginning. After the incident, Zhu Jingsi also wrote a suicide note, hoping that the next generation would not be like him.Zhu jingsi’s words reveal a hint of helplessness, but he seems to take it for granted.After zhu jingsi was arrested, he told investigators that he had killed his parents, so that the two children could not be raised and would still deteriorate without being raised, so he hurt all four of them.In fact, Zhu Jingsi’s second son Zhu Gen is outside the family planning, so he has been raised by his grandmother.Jugan did not return to his parents until he was six years old.Since childhood, Jugan lacks affection for his parents and has an extreme personality.But this is not the reason why he beat his parents wantonly. As a child, he should not hit them because of money.As children, they should take good care of their parents and respect their parents. Jugan’s behavior to his father is a beast.But this is not the reason why Zhu Jingsi killed his son and his whole family. Such behavior is also inhuman.But strangely, some villagers were willing to stand up for Zhu, hoping he would be treated leniently.Puzzled professionals have detected the name of zhu Jingsi’s petition, many of which are signed by a single person.As a matter of fact, the facts and evidence of Zhu Jingsi’s murder of his own son are very sufficient, and it has caused a very bad influence on society, so it is impossible not to investigate his responsibility.Raise don’t godfather, Zhu Jing four can’t handle father and son contradiction correctly.Zhu Jingsi uses the most extreme method, “taught” the second son, but he also has to pay a price for his practice.Because zhu Jingsi’s criminal means are very cruel, the consequences are extremely serious, so the court finally sentenced Zhu Jingsi to death for intentional homicide!So in this world, no one wins when they commit crimes.The family for us is to protect the treasure of life, even if the world people’s desire for money is very strong, but money is not the whole of life.Life is the most important thing in the world. If you lose life, a lot of things in the world will not exist.In fact, Jugan’s behavior has been suspected of domestic violence, beating and kicking his father, the plot is very bad.Although zhu gan was very young, she grew up in a grandmother’s house.But it was his parents who supported him all the time, and he did not support his parents, and even abused them.If Zhu Jingsi knew how to use the weapons of the law, let the children take responsibility, education, the tragedy would not happen.Zhu Jingsi’s legal awareness is too weak, only think this is their own family affair, thought he was “justice”, actually is very stupid and cruel.He killed two innocent grandchildren cruelly, do not give the opportunity to let two children see the world, feel the prosperity of the world.It is a fallacy to think that two children will be bad if they are left alone.Furthermore, it was wrong for him to kill another person.No matter what mood he took to punish his son and daughter-in-law, he was guilty of intentional homicide.Our country is governed by law, no one can deprive the life of others, even if you are the parents who gave his life!And Zhu gen because of money lost the human family love, the final loss of life, really not cost-effective.I do not know if there is a chance to do it again, whether Zhu gen will not so value money interests, treat parents, do their own responsibilities as children?If Zhu gen does not drill into the eye of money, become a slave of money, but also for this parents brothers turned against each other, this tragedy will not happen.What do you think?Ok, this is the end of the content, welcome to like, leave a message forward, follow us, see you next time.