Jackie Chan’s daughter, who staged a “miserable life”, has now dropped everything and started over

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Jackie Chan can be regarded as a pyramid level figure in the Chinese film circle. Every one of his films can be regarded as a classic. Whenever you gamble to watch it, it is thrilling and thrilling for the plot inside.Jackie Chan’s film career is very famous, his acting is very early, but there is one thing he also let the majority of netizens hard to forget, that is he said a classic cheating and playing with women’s feelings of men, “I made the mistakes all men make.”.In fact, the entertainment industry this mixed place, divorce and a lot of things, such as Wang Lee-hom and Li Jinglei’s divorce in the online spread of the uproar, Li Jinglei was once a netizen on the title of the Hammer of Thor, once on the Internet with a small composition let Wang Lee-hom suffering.From li Liang Lei’s small composition can be seen, Wang Leehom.There is no obligation to take care of children in the marriage contract, and there is no absolute loyalty to the marriage, and even to treat his wife can not be considerate and gentle.But wang is doing, compared with Jackie chan again a bit not worth mentioning, in 1999, a woman is pregnant belly belly look after a press conference, conference at her tears, cried foul, lets everybody confused about, don’t know what is the purpose of doing that she, but brought you never thought that she was the press conference hair object turned out to be,In the film and television circle red through half the sky Jackie Chan, this moment between Jackie Chan pushed into the forefront of the storm.In fact, this woman is also in the Hong Kong entertainment circle prominent figures, a generation of charming Wu Qi Li, at that time Wu Qi Li can be said to be the rich second generation, a rich background, a comfortable life, but also occupies a position in the Hong Kong film circle.Cheer Wu announced at the press conference that she was pregnant and the father of the baby was Jackie Chan, which immediately caused an earthquake in Hong Kong’s entertainment industry.Jackie chan is also to respond soon, Elaine publicly at the press conference, then it is continuous fermentation, everybody does not know Jackie chan has already get married, at that time thought that Elaine can “mother with your child” the traditional way to success, but only this is the beginning of the tragedy, Jackie chan has not into the house to Elaine, will also have been married for publicity,Zhenggong Lin Fengjiao successfully appeared in front of everyone.We thought That Jackie Chan cheated in marriage, as his wife Lin Fengjiao will come forward to make a big deal about it, and divorce with Jackie Chan, but Lin Fengjiao not only let everyone surprised, Lin Fengjiao even magnify to say: “you first comfort people, don’t hurt her;But don’t hurt us. You need me to step up. I’ll be there.”Lin Fengjiao practice is to let Wu Qili dream from now on, no longer have the possibility of marrying Jackie Chan, Wu Qili forced and Lin Fengjiao tolerance, formed a sharp contrast, in the face of his wife’s generosity and tolerance, moved the heart of compassion Jackie Chan, decided to prodigal son.Not only acknowledged the status of Lin Fengjiao, open her and son Jaycee’s identity, but also transferred all their property to the name of Lin Fengjiao, and even threatened that he would not recognize the child Wu Qi Li.She probably didn’t expect Jackie chan to make this decision, and her impulsive behavior not only ruined her life, but also her soon-to-be born daughter suffered lifelong criticism.Wu Zhuolin was born was marked on the “little dragon woman” title, people spurned Wu Zhuolin was born, her birth is destined to be a tragedy.Because qi Li Wu’s life is very unfortunate, because Qi Li Wu’s mother Zheng Liming was hurt by men, so qi Li Wu was very strict requirements, children a little wrong place, she will be heavily fined.Lashing with a whip, reciting ancient poems, too much oppression and suffering at a young age.Because when things let her heart had a great change, now plus their own Jackie Chan things to her blow, but also the anger all added to the daughter Wu Zhuolin body, even the name of the netizens are guessing, is to go beyond the meaning of Lin Fengjiao.The criticism of the outside world for Wu Zhuolin to the most painful, the most terrible is the mother personally took his daughter, let the outside world again and again to open the scars of Wu Zhuolin, said that mother is the child’s safe harbor, maternal love is the greatest, but this sentence in Wu Qili did not reflect.Finally, because of all kinds of behavior let Wu Zhuolin in Hong Kong is helpless, Zheng Liming is to his daughter this practice of dissatisfaction, directly transferred to wu Zhuolin body, small Wu Zhuolin what also don’t understand, in the grandmother’s stick to live.Finally, the family is struggling in Hong Kong, forced to move to Shanghai.In her childhood, Wu Zhuolin not only suffered from the abuse of her grandmother and mother, but also suffered from the violence on campus until she went to school. Many of her classmates directly called her illegitimate daughter and said obscene words.The childhood life made Wu Zhuolin’s psychology seriously distorted, so that under the education of her mother and grandmother, she no longer believed in men, openly came out of the closet, far away from the other side of the ocean and openly married her same-sex girlfriend on her social platform and showed her marriage certificate, which made Wu Qi Li confused, she panicked.In 2021, it was reported on the Internet that Wu Zhuolin, as Jackie Chan’s daughter, was working as a receptionist in a company, and the boss paid her more than others because she was Jackie Chan’s daughter.In fact, During this time, Wu Chulin also went to her father Jackie, but Jackie ignored the daughter, saying that she did not disturb his life, his affairs have nothing to do with him.The reason why Wu Zhuolin had such a tragic life was that she could not separate herself from her biological parents. Her birth was doomed to be tragic if her father did not love her mother. Her life might be just a tool to threaten her promise in her mother’s eyes.Now Jackie Chan family happiness career success, but he can not think of their own a wandering outside, in order to life difficult daughter, I do not know in think of the time will not have a trace of guilt, after all, blood is thicker than water, hope or can usher in good news.