Pentium B70S will open presale soon, additional blind box surprise enjoy non-stop

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It is reported that faW Pentium’s new coupe SUV — Pentium B70S will hold a rollout ceremony and open the pre-sale on February 20.As the first independent coupe SUV of FAW and the first model under the new brand strategy of FAW Pentium, Pentium B70S has attracted much attention since its debut. It can be called “the new dark horse of coupe SUV” by remolding the brand image and SUV design ceiling with distinctive personality and strong impact of National fashion design.Now, with the pre-sale is about to open, FAW Pentium again unusual move, will adopt a new online car booking mode, and for the user to bring pre-sale play and pre-sale policy double surprise, such as opening the blind box to win Li Ning limited edition clothing, order to win 1200G free flow, play new pre-sale patterns, jump start the tiger car market.In recent years, the traditional SUV market has been saturated, emerging in an endless stream of new products with similar minor differences.Coupe in the domestic consumption market SUV FengRi sheng, faw pentium refused to name it torrent, insist on grasping the original lifeblood, through in-depth insight into the aesthetic needs of young consumer groups, in the inheritance and innovation of philosophy of “light” design language at the same time, with young people pursuit of fashion, tide, movement, and many scenes of travel demand,We will innovate and create crossover models integrating “sports car +SUV+ sedan”.It is worth mentioning that Pentium B70S, since its debut, has created a high appearance level of “human design” with the label of “hipster single products”, which can be called the peak of Pentium brand design.Now, with the coming of the offline ceremony, Pentium B70S will officially meet users. As a brand new product specially designed for young people, Pentium B70S will create a better travel experience for users with the double blessing of “high appearance level” and “high value”.In terms of design, the cheetah-like low posture echoes with the 19-inch five-frame blade wheel hub, and the smoky high wheel eyebrows and side skirt design improve the overall visual center of gravity, while maintaining the freedom and wildness of the sedan SUV, taking into account the comfort of the vehicle’s high-speed endurance.In addition, many details are designed, such as the front face of “God Beast element”, the headlights of “Zhange”, the aerodynamic suite of “Beast Claw” and the rear taillights of “Great Wall arrow ridge”, which greatly improve the car’s identification and turn back on the road.As for the interior, the 7-inch LCD combination meter and dual 12.3-inch screen provide an intelligent digital atmosphere, coupled with starlit instrument atmosphere lights, highlighting the sense of technology and luxury.In terms of power, the new car will offer two engines of 1.5T and 2.0t, matching the 7-speed wet dual clutch and 2.0t Aixin 6-gear automatic transmission respectively.The rated power of 2.0T version is up to 165 kW, and the peak torque is 340 N · m, providing ample power reserve for B70S, lighting the sports passion with the relaxed and carefree feeling of “big horse pulling small car”.In terms of configuration, it is equipped with Pentium D-Life 5.2 AI smart ecosystem + smart home services, covering 28 categories of smart functions, providing the whole ecosystem services including telephone, navigation, audio and video entertainment, voice assistant, smart home and so on.At the same time, equipped with L2 level intelligent driving assistance function, easy to control travel.Air quality pentium B70S is “run now” from 2018 initial product planning, to product be born in 2022, four years, only for the process, create fine cars, pentium B70S with China faw group, the core technology as the backing, through globalization “four land” between the two countries development layout, is an exclusive in young people from scratch to build new models.Powered by the Infinite Equation architecture FMA platform, Pentium B70S not only highlights the Sports control and safety genes of the Pentium brand, but also incorporates the new technologies in intelligent networking, driver assistance and safety, and comes with a strong image as the “integrator” of FAW Pentium’s manufacturing strength.As the first car of the 2022 New Year, Pentium B70S is coming off the assembly line.The media and customers will be able to witness the pentium B70S production process and strict manufacturing standards at the launch ceremony of the Plant in Ulsan, Changchun.With the launch ceremony, Pentium B70S will be fully presale, it is understood that the presale will not only overturn the traditional Pentium sales model, with a new online car booking way, so that users can save time, worry and money to buy cars, but also integrate the blind box form popular among young people,Users can win benefits such as one-year use right of B70S, Li Ning limited edition clothing, and voucher for extra value car purchase by opening the blind box online.At the same time, through online orders, users can also enjoy super car purchase gifts, such as ten thousand yuan replacement subsidies, 1200G free flow and other multiple gifts.In addition, there are many more benefits and surprises to be officially announced on the day of presale.Pentium B70S will open a new form of Pentium sales with the double surprise of “buy a good car and send a good gift” to the fans, and make a full impact on the Chinese brand sedan SUV market with a more “people friendly” image.The pentium B70S, as the first blockbuster new car after the launch of Pentium new strategy, attracted much attention once it was unveiled, for the reason that the styling broke through the expectations of users, brought a new visual surprise, and also aroused the high expectations of many users.As the most influential Chinese brand “The first car of the New Year”, Pentium B70S will soon carry super product power, with innovative online ordering mode and multiple courtesy to start the “first shot of the New Year”!With the announcement of pre-sale price, whether Pentium B70S can surprise users beyond their expectations again, let’s wait and see!