Qingdao construction site of a different “Spring Festival Gala” : written, directed and performed by workers, colorful programs

2022-07-03 0 By

On New Year’s Eve, after having a delicious family reunion dinner, people often gather around the TV to enjoy the annual Spring Festival gala with their families.Tonight, the Asian Cup Qingdao youth football stadium project construction site also staged a wonderful “Spring Festival Gala”.The restaurant is decorated with lights and decorations, full of New Year atmosphere. More than 200 construction workers who stick to their posts during the Spring Festival are sitting together, eating the hot New Year’s Eve dinner, and singing, dancing and other programs take turns, which is very lively.After the party began, in addition to the performers performing songs, versatile workers also wrote, directed and performed a wonderful program, the project department to actively show the talent of the workers were rewarded, the festive atmosphere to a climax.The curtain wall class leader Meng Qingshi, who loves music, performed piano and singing on the stage on New Year’s Eve. The atmosphere was warm and cheers filled the hall. “My biggest wish this year is to finish the curtain wall construction of the football field with the workers in high quality, and I can proudly lead my family to visit this landmark building in the future.”Meng Qingshi said.In order to let co-workers in a strange land, a good year, Asian cup project implementation manager Liu Teng Qingdao youth football stadium and other project managers in advance for left-behind workers warm heart, caring, giving a military, extend New Year gift box, prepare dinner, organizing New Year sale, build a yuan shang booth, 24 hour hot water shower for free,Let the workers in the project line also really feel the warmth of home.”We should pay more attention to the retention of workers. The project hopes to provide convenience and emotional care for workers and brothers.During the Spring Festival construction period, apart from providing living allowances for workers to stay behind, we will also allow workers to take off-peak vacations based on actual conditions, and provide all-round services for workers during the Spring Festival on the basis of regular epidemic prevention and control.”Liu Teng said.It is reported that before the Spring Festival of 2022, the Project team of Qingdao Youth Football Stadium of Asian Cup completed the first off-site lifting of radial cables in China through technical breakthrough. 36 radial cables were lifted within 15 days, with industry-leading construction efficiency, providing engineering reference for the construction of stadium cables.Next, according to the wave of youth football pitch facade designed inspiration will be in full swing, construction project characteristic of hyperbolic metal roofing, hyperbolic metal curtain wall accuracy requirement is high, the processing and assembling is difficult, the technical team using bim technology, the curtain wall plate curvature model model, size analysis, combined with the data plate split, merge,Type of regular aluminum plate and grid module.Through optimization, the number of curtain wall units is optimized from 8200 to 4200, and the parts are factory and customized, which simplifies the field installation steps, reduces the difficulty of field precision control, and saves 25 days of processing cycle.Sea view news reporters learned that the project is currently in the main construction stage, the main concrete structure and steel structure are all capped, the cable body is about to complete the first tensioning, is expected to complete the cable structure construction content in mid-February;The interior decoration of the New Year project will be fully carried out, including membrane roof, metal roof and metal curtain wall.According to the construction plan, the construction period of the project is 833 days. It is expected to be completed and delivered on November 10, 2022. After completion, the project will become the first professional football stadium with 50,000 seats in Shandong Province.(Qingdao Daily/Sea View news reporter Wang Bingjie)