7.391 billion!Sichuan newly won the bid for a large project

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Project Name: Deyang Tianfu Jingcheng District Infrastructure Construction (Industrial Transformation Zone) Project Overview and Bidding Scope of Municipal Infrastructure Engineering ProjectConstruction site: south of Detian Railway, west of Baocheng Railway, east of Chengde Avenue, north of Qingbaijiang Road.Construction scale: The number of projects in the industrial transformation zone is 24, including schools, green parks, parking lots, community complex, west square of South Station, fire stations, roads and other projects, excluding markets, power and gas projects and supporting facilities.The total investment is about 7.391 billion yuan.Term of cooperation: The term of cooperation of this project is tentatively 13 years, starting from the date of signing this Agreement between the tenderee and the winning bidder, and the construction period shall not exceed 10 years.If the project construction and regional land supply are delayed due to adjustment of territorial space planning or impact on the progress of land approval, the cooperation period shall be postponed as a whole.If the project Company’s investment costs and benefits have not been fully paid upon the expiration of the cooperation period, the tenderer and the Project Company may extend the cooperation period through negotiation.No. 1: China National Nuclear Industry Zhongyuan Construction Co., LTD. No. 2: Shanghai Urban Construction Municipal Engineering (Group) Co., LTD. No. 3: Tonghao Construction Group Co., LTD. Congratulations to the winning bidder!Images from the Internet