Nearly 100 builders work on the Renovation of the Northern section of Wuhan Friendship Road without stopping during the Spring Festival.

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Zhao Lei, Li Jinxu, Wang Xibo, Jimu News reporter On the morning of February 4, wuhan Urban Construction Group was responsible for the construction of friendship Avenue (Three-ring road – Hongmao Lane) rapid reconstruction project (section 2, section 3) at the construction site, construction personnel orderly work, the site is a busy scene.”Project during the Spring Festival to take partial rotation operation, ensure that projects do not shut down, friendship avenue (three loop – macro mau lane) the rapidness reconstruction project bid (2) the main way to carry out iron machine Laurence family port road, the main line and ramp bridge structure construction, three blocks mainly to carry out the three road crossing bow power tunnel construction and construction all the way to three main road bridge construction steel concrete box girder bracket and pile foundation construction,We will promote the construction of the project with high quality and high efficiency under the premise of ensuring safety and quality and strictly implementing epidemic prevention and control measures.”Wuhan Urban Construction Group project director said.It is understood that friendship Avenue (three ring line – Hongmao Lane) rapid transformation project (two section, three section) there are nearly 100 front-line builders from other places, stay han Chinese New Year.In order to ensure the line builders to be able to have a happy and peaceful New Year, the project department has prepared a lot of “warm heart gift bag”, on the first day, wuhan urban construction group leader led condolences to all builders of the frontline jobs, at the same time by issuing festival awards and necessities, group meals, improve cost standards, measures such as activities such as organization focus to watch the CCTV Spring Festival gala,So that the front-line builders left behind can refuel and catch up with the schedule at the same time can warm the “Chinese New Year”.Friendship avenue (three loop – macro mau lane) quickly turn the 9.4 km road reconstruction project, also known as the “avenue rapidness transformation section of friendship,” as “three-ring 13 shot” of wuhan urban area fast road network system an important part of the project from the macro mau lane, and friendship avenue (wu car road – macro mau lane) rapid renovation project, three on the north west of interchange, loop friendshipThe red line of the road is 50-75 meters wide and adopts the construction mode of “elevated + ground side road”. The two ends of the elevated road are grounded. The main line is the urban express road, and the ground side road is the urban secondary road.At present, the ground auxiliary road drainage project has been basically completed, 50% of the main substructure of the viaduct has been completed (including pile foundation, cap and pier column), 1 steel box girder and 4 concrete box girder have been completed for the superstructure, and the ramp bridge construction of the interchange area between Friendship Avenue and the second ring Road is in full progress.The acceleration of the project is of great significance to improve the road network structure of wuhan city center and facilitate citizens to travel.During the Spring Festival of 2022, the construction management Company of Wuhan Urban Construction Group responded to the call of the government actively, and delivered satisfactory results to the people of Wuhan in order to complete the construction of key municipal projects as soon as possible. While focusing on epidemic prevention and control, the construction work during the Spring Festival was properly arranged.Heping Avenue south extension (Zhongshan Road – Zhangzhidong Road) project, Friendship Avenue (three ring road – Hongmao Lane) rapid transformation project (two bid section, three bid section) work.More than 200 management and construction workers gave up their homes for everyone, stuck to the front lines of construction and production, went all out to promote the construction of key projects, and ensured a good start to the Year of the Tiger with down-to-earth efforts.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.24-hour information hotline 027-86777777.