A: congratulations!Zeng fanbo was selected to play alongside Foster in the Rookie Crunch Challenge

2022-07-05 0 By

On February 5, Beijing time, the NBA officially announced the list and rules of rookie Game clutch Challenge, Chinese star Zeng Fanbo will participate in the competition, in which he and Foster will form the fourth team.After joining the Ignite this season for the NBA DEVELOPMENT League, Tseng has had some notable performances, including a career-high 10 points in a game against the College Park Skyhawks on Jan. 22.But the recent 2 games, Ceng Fan bo because of physical discomfort, all failed to appear.During this year’s NBA All-Star Game, Zeng fanbo can participate in the Rookie Game crunch challenge, which will be a great boon to his personal development.The Rookie Challenge was split into four groups: Halliburton and Bain in the first, Barnes and Duvarty in the second, Mobley and Geady in the third, and Foster in the fourth.The rules of the game are that two players in each team will alternate shots from five positions in a period of 1 minute and 30 seconds. The team that takes the least time will win the game.The five spots will also correspond to historic spots where Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, Lillard, Charles Barkley and Magic Johnson have made clutch shots in the playoffs.