Mild depression, most of the people will have 7 “catchphrases”, I hope you did not say one

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With the acceleration of the pace of life, more and more young people, in a long-term situation of high pressure, personal emotions can not be certain release, thus will also appear depression.In recent years, the number of people suffering from depression is also increasing, which has to cause people’s attention.Moreover, for some patients with depression, it is easy to affect their personal life and work, which is bad for their health.For some people with mild depression, there are often the following phrases that you wish you hadn’t said.1 “bored to death” for some patients with mild depression, their own ability to resist pressure is relatively low, in the usual encounter some troubles, will become extremely agitated, and, also often will “bored to death” this sentence hanging in the mouth.Can bring about individual mood to drop thereby, lost confidence to the life slowly, also can appear the phenomenon that mood breaks down abnormally, be in so at ordinary times, should notice appropriate adjustment, hope you had not said.2 “no appetite, do not want to eat” for some people with mild depression, their appetite ability will also be reduced, slowly lose interest in eating, in peacetime is also no appetite, the body is gradually wasted.Therefore, in life, if this phenomenon frequently occurs in a period of time, we should also go to the hospital as soon as possible for relevant treatment and examination, and learn to adjust reasonable emotions at ordinary times, which may play a certain improvement effect.3 “very tired ah” for some people suffering from depression, often there will be abnormal physical fatigue phenomenon, in addition to the simple physical fatigue, psychological pressure is relatively large, feel exhausted.Often also is normal can have, how to feel so tired, such a catchphrase, over time, also can increase their psychological burden, thereby causing the aggravation of the illness, so at ordinary times, also should pay attention to appropriate adjustment, learn to take a proper rest, or can play to improve the effect.4 “It’s all my fault” For some people with mild depression, not only their confidence is relatively low at ordinary times, but also they often like to block mistakes on themselves, thinking that they do not do well, so they bring trouble to everyone.This will also lead to poor self-confidence, which will lead to heavier psychological burden, aggravating the problem of depression, so in peacetime, also should pay attention to appropriate adjustment, people around should also learn to appropriate counseling.5 “I am a useless person” for some people with mild depression, they are often in a state of self-denial. Even if one thing is perfect enough, they still blindly belittle themselves and think they are worthless.Moreover, I am often a useless person to hang in the mouth, a long time, will also lead to confidence frustration, in a state of depression for a long time, will also aggravate the occurrence of the disease, have a certain psychological impact.So at ordinary times, also should pay attention to appropriate adjustment, the person around also should encourage more, or can play a relieving effect.6 “Live a good boring” for some people with mild depression, often only see the negative side, and personal pressure is relatively too large, do not know how to release, so as to lose confidence in life, temper will become more irritable.Sometimes depression, sometimes cry, often will have the idea of suicide, so in peacetime, if you also have such a person, must pay attention to encourage him, give him confidence, may help relax body and mind, alleviate the problem of depression.7 “If I die, you can relax” for people with mild depression, because of long-term depression, under the state of too much pressure, will also have a serious psychological impact.Think that they are useless, drag others, so will have the idea of suicide, think that as long as it is their own death, the people around can be easy.Once such an idea occurs, the family should also be adjusted in time, go to see a psychologist as soon as possible, learn to improve appropriately, perhaps effectively alleviate the problem of depression.So, if people around you often say the above words, it is also a signal of depression.I hope you can go to the hospital as soon as possible for relevant treatment and examination. In daily life, you should also learn to encourage him properly, cultivate interests and hobbies, and make him full of hope for life, which may help to improve the effect.Source: Evening Reading Room (ID: DC001234)