“Ou Yue craftsmen” honor list appearance, praise for them!

2022-07-05 0 By

In 2021, the city attaches great importance to the “No. 1 Project” of talent introduction and education, innovatively implements the “Cultivation Project of One hundred thousand Craftsmen in Ou Yue”, and cultivates 98,000 talents of various skills throughout the year, with a completion rate of 123%, which is the best level in history.At the same time, vigorously carry out the training and selection activities of highly skilled talents, establish a large number of Ou Yue craftsman talent model and excellent skills talent platform carrier, training and selection tree scale, quantity and quality unprecedented strength.Among them, 7 were selected as “Zhejiang Outstanding Craftsman” training project, 62 were selected as “Zhejiang Craftsman” training project, 188 were selected as “Zhejiang Young Craftsman” training project;There are 30 chief technicians in Wenzhou, 20 master skill studios in Wenzhou, 3 master skill studios in Zhejiang province and 5 public training bases for highly skilled talents in Wenzhou, forming a strong social atmosphere of respecting labor and advocating skills.Data: Municipal Human resources and Social security Bureau editor/first instance: Zhou Binjie second instance: Zhou Arc third instance: Wang Wen your every praise and look, small cloth all like!