Pay for “news exposure” rights?If you believe it, you will lose!

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A “pay me to report” company?Recently, Ms. Wang in Shanxi Province told reporters that when she was seeking rights protection for an e-commerce course dispute, she found a “Cloud Communication Culture Media Co., LTD.” (hereinafter referred to as “Cloud Communication”) in Guangzhou claiming to provide news releases and other services to help customers protect their rights.After contacting the company, she received an “introduction to charging for media coverage”, its website address and past cases.But ms Wang said it was the material that made people “feel like they were liars”.According to the official website of “Cloud Communication”, they started to carry out news reporting, rights protection event reporting, marketing planning, event marketing, entertainment star packaging and other businesses since 2012.The reporter contacted the company through its official website telephone number, and expressed willingness to pay for the report as a customer, hoping to provide the company’s qualifications and relevant reporting cases.A micro channel named “network media” staff told reporters that they can add their colleagues QQ, by him to introduce in detail.Subsequently, the reporter and the QQ named “news release” staff made contact.The other party claimed to be Liu Qiang, is the business manager of Guangzhou Cloud communication Culture media Co., LTD.He sent details of charges for media coverage to reporters.According to the report, for 2,000 yuan, cloud media companies will provide continuous coverage on major media and social platforms for about a week.For 5,000 yuan, the company will follow up the report for up to six months. Once the story is deleted, it will continue to publish.In addition, the company also provides on-the-spot interviews, and clients pay 7,000 yuan for travel expenses in addition to the cost of press releases.The reporter noticed that the company’s interpretation of the “major media” is Tencent, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Phoenix and other portal websites, rather than news media with editorial qualifications.According to Manager Liu, except for reports requiring on-the-spot interviews, all other types of reports need to be settled in a lump sum.Clients are required to provide information for reporting, including but not limited to an overview of the rights protection event itself, key physical evidence and photos, he said.He will provide the financial account number or payment code for settlement only after all the information is sent.Once the client has paid, the staff sort through the materials, rewrite the copy and decide on a platform for “news” distribution.On the choice of “news” manuscript publishing platform, Eva airways had scheduled another round-trip charter provides a “worth 5000 yuan manuscript release link summary” shows that they have on March 29, will be released a rights “news” manuscript in baidu post bar, spicy, sohu focus BBS, tianya BBS, mommy baby BBS, secondary yuan fan shop, etc. More than 100 websites.Reporters noticed that many links have been deleted.The so-called “culture media company” could not find the registration information on whether the two parties signed a legal contract after buying the service.Liu said it is not necessary to sign a contract, and they will only sign one if the customer wants it.Manager Liu sent a contract template to reporters.The contract stipulates that, as Party B, “Guangzhou Cloud Communication Culture Media Co., LTD.” use its professional advantage in Internet technology to provide news release, network promotion and other services, the specific content shall be determined according to the information provided by customers.In the part of “Rights and obligations of both parties”, the agreement stipulates that the customer shall provide true news release information. As the authenticity of the matter cannot be verified by cloud Communication Company, the legal responsibility of the information content shall be borne by the customer.However, reporters at the national enterprise credit information query, the public platforms did not check the “guangzhou cloud spread culture media co., LTD.”, March 31, at noon, guangzhou market supervision and administration of the staff confirmed to reporters, “guangzhou cloud spread culture media co., LTD.” is not in the market supervision and administration of the file system.In addition, the reporter’s investigation found that baidu search engine with “media rights” as the keyword search, you can find a lot of “media release” type of paid services advertising.The websites of these companies are highly similar in style and pay for “reports” covering medical accidents, land disputes, economic disputes and traffic accidents, with prices ranging from 1,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan.Liu said the company had “reported” numerous cases of customer rights protection, many of which were posted on his QQ zone as “propaganda cases”.Reporters and four of the publicity “cases” of the parties contacted.Zhai and Sun, both from Henan province, were involved in a housing lease dispute and a land dispute respectively. They told reporters that they posted their posts on social media platforms without contacting intermediary agencies.At the same time, Manager Liu told reporters that on March 29, 2022, they just provided media coverage services for a Mr. Li who was involved in a medical dispute.However, when this reporter called Mr. Li, the other party responded that although it had contacted we-media for help, it had not paid any fees.Another economic dispute case, Ms. Yang said that although she did not reach the service intention with cloud communication company, but was “cheated” by another company in a similar form of 5,000 yuan.Yang said she was looking for rights protection services on a search engine in September last year when she noticed advertisements for paid coverage from a Wuhan-based culture media company.According to the chat history Yang provided, she transferred 5,000 yuan to the company, who promised to “report” Yang’s case for a long time until it was resolved.However, although the other party has revised the “news” manuscript according to Ms. Yang’s wishes after the payment, but did not give her feedback to publish the link of the manuscript.Ms. Yang subsequently contacted the company staff for several times, the other side did not have any reply.▲ “cloud communication” company in the online publicity lawyer said that the act or suspected of illegal business crimes ❒ such as the company to provide paid reporting services is illegal?Does the contract signed with the customer have legal effect?”The company did not release news qualifications, released information and customer requirements deviation, suspected of fraud, so that customers in violation of the true meaning of the situation to enter into a contract, which is modifiable, revocation of the contract, although there is a legal effect,However, the client shall have the right to request the people’s court or an arbitration institution to alter or cancel the contract.According to the judicial interpretation, in violation of state provisions, for-profit, paid to delete information services, through information networks or knows is false information, through the information network for providing services such as publishing information, disrupt the market order, the amount of illegal operations in more than 50000 yuan, or the amount of the illegal income in 20000 yuan of above;Where the amount of illegal business operation of a unit is more than 150,000 yuan or the amount of illegal income is more than 50,000 yuan, it shall be deemed as an illegal business operation with “serious circumstances” and shall be convicted and punished for the crime of illegal business operation.Associate professor of Beijing normal university, the criminal law science institute, professional committee of the news supervision, vice President of the wave propagation cloud “company in the country do not check on enterprise credit information publicity system of industrial and commercial information, belong to the Internet information service for commercial purposes without permission, in violation of the” measures for the administration of Internet information service for non-profitable Internet information service,”Breach of this provision shall result in the invalidation of the contract.Regulation on administration of Internet news information services (hereinafter referred to as the regulations), stipulated in article 13 “Internet information service provider shall provide good services to Internet users, and to ensure that the information provided by the content of the legal”, and “cloud spread” the company “ruled out the laws and regulations of its own commitments, it is not legal.Sichuan on a partner at law firm lawyer executive producer of the according to the regulations about to release the relevant provisions of false information, “if the organization paid publishing false information, may also constitute insult or slander others, infringes on the reputation, privacy and other legitimate interests, this need is analyzed according to particular case, if the case constitutes a crime may be shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.-end-—————————————————— source: Chengdu Business Daily, Red Star News reprinted please indicate the source