The summer that I can’t go back // Xu Xiaosheng went to Wei Ying’s home

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That can not go back to the summer later, met a lot of people, but they are not you, has not been sad, just have a wisp of shallow regret, regret in that summer, encountered young too amazing, and then the people appear, all appear so light.70 Xu Xiaosheng went to Wei Ying’s home Wei Ying’s car into the community he has not come back for a long time, find a space to stop the car.Parking in this community is not difficult, because it is far from the city center. The community has an underground parking lot, and each owner has a fixed parking space.There are plenty of parking Spaces on the ground for temporary visitors.The gate of the district is equipped with electronic railings, which can be lifted automatically by scanning the license plate.Xu Xiaosheng pushed the luggage, and wei Ying parked the car together into the elevator.Into the house, Wei Ying just closed the door, the body is not standing, and xu Xiaosheng held in his arms.”Envy, have to think me.””Yes, very much, and if I say no, you’ll strangle me.Hurry to take a bath and go to bed, ten hours of plane, jet lag, you are not tired and sleepy.”Wei Ying struggled to free herself from Xu xiaosheng’s embrace.”I haven’t seen you for a year and I can’t cuddle.””Can, know of you be my cousin, don’t know of return think we have what ambiguous.””I don’t mind, let me kiss one, foreign same-sex can get married.”Get out of here, I have no taste for that. If my aunt hears this, she’ll shoot either you or me — no, only me. You’re her own son.”Then I’ll tell her I’ll die if I shoot you.””If you don’t kill me, hit me stupid.”Wei Ying said to push the suitcase to the living room.”Envy, you this house how so cold and quiet, you didn’t live in the home?””Didn’t tell you, hurry to rush the design draft, I live in the company, anyway there is no one, save me to run back and forth.”Wei Ying said to the cabin sheets on the new, removed into the washing machine.He picked up his car keys and said to Xu, “Take a bath and go to bed early. I’ll come over to take care of you at noon.””Where are you going?Seeing Wei Ying going away, Xu Xiaosheng asked him.”I’ll return the car.””You don’t stay with me, who return car in the middle of the night.””I promised to return it at night.””They don’t work.””He lives near our office.””And then what?”I live there, come back to invite you to have dinner at noon, go to my mother’s house in the afternoon, send you back in the evening, how about that?”See Xu Xiaosheng suspicious eyes, Wei Ying said: “their company’s apartment, sometimes work late, I also go to the apartment to make do with one night, right is the company now Millet.”The author shot Wei Ying is afraid of Xu Xiaosheng to get to the bottom of the matter, directly throw small rice grains.Sure enough, Xu Xiaosheng is not chasing the company, but in another way to let Wei Ying stay.”Envy, don’t walk first, accompany me to say a conversation, you let me fly more than 10 hours and then alone a person in this empty house, true bear to ah.”The thought of Xu Xiaosheng all the year round a person in foreign countries, very not easy to come back once, really if the people are so thrown down, Wei Ying is really a little can’t bear to, but the thought of Blue Zhan must still waiting for him to go back, his heart of the scales directly collapsed to Blue Zhan.”Xiao Sheng, promise somebody else’s matter, don’t speak promise bad.””Nobody uses a car in the middle of the night, and it’s the same in the daytime.”Then he opened the small suitcase and took out a violin case. “Let’s see what I have brought for you.”Wei Ying was surprised. “Violin.”Xu xiaosheng opened the case carefully, took out the violin and gave it to Wei Ying, “Have a look carefully.”Wei Ying took the instrument. Her eyes lit up and she looked it over and over again. “Paganini,” she said excitedly.Xu Xiaosheng pet touched wei Ying’s head: “my envy is goods, I bought in an auction, like it?”Wei Ying plucked the strings a few times and couldn’t wait to take the bow and try it twice. “I like it very much,” she said regretfully. “If it wasn’t too late, I would like to play a tune.””For the sake of the piano, stay with me,” Xu pleaded.Wei Ying could not refuse xu any more, so she had to say, “Go and take a bath. I will change the sheets in this room.”Seeing Wei Ying no longer insist on walking, Xu Xiaosheng took out a change of clothes from another box and walked into the bathroom. At the door, he stopped and said: “You don’t change there, we sleep in a room on the line.Wei Ying stammered: “Change, I, or you sleep, sit so long plane, you need to have a good rest.”Stop for a while then say: “I sleep first, you take a bath also hurriedly sleep.”Wei Ying entered the bedroom and closed the door behind her.Original author, without permission, reprint prohibited, plagiarism will be prosecuted.Beijing Zixia, like food, like travel, like that sentence in the crowd to find him thousands of baidu, suddenly look back that person is in the lights dim.