Yunjian granary was selected as Shanghai’s first urban sports center!What sports are on it? Do you know them?

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Urban Sports Center Urban Sports Center is a new sports service complex integrating the development of national fitness and related industries in Shanghai in the new era. It is a new place for fitness, a new carrier of consumption, a new space for urban renewal, and a new landmark of healthy Shanghai.Recently, the city sports Bureau announced the first batch of urban sports center pilot project list (a total of six), yunjian Granary sports Center successfully selected.So, do you know what sports formats are available in Yunjian Granary?Yukun Sports Park – Football field Yunjian Granary Sports Center currently operates more than 10 kinds of sports, including football, basketball, badminton, swimming, rock climbing, triathlon, table tennis, fitness studio and so on. It is open to the public all year round.Various sports events have been held, such as Shanghai Youth 3V3 Super Basketball Match and 2021 Shanghai City Amateur League Basketball 5V5 – Songjiang Station.As a recreational, sports and business travel complex, yunjian Granary is rich in business forms and complete supporting facilities. At present, there are more than 40 venues and businesses in the park.Citizens and visitors can not only reminisce about history, taste art, take photos and punch the clock, but also enjoy the river scenery, exercise and drink, and spend a good leisure time.In the future, Yunjian Granary Sports Center will focus on the high quality and diversified sports and fitness needs of the public, and continue to do a good job in project operation management and service.To build a new sports service complex with complete functions, distinctive features and public satisfaction.Welcome to meet your friends and exercise together!Some pictures (the material provided by the merchant) clouds granary, a garden Clouds granary wen gen garden group invested by Shanghai no. 8 bridge operation, the park covers an area of 136 mu, a total of 68 building, building area of 40000 ㎡, originally built in the 1950 s to 90 s are grain warehouses and factories, follow the principle of repairing old as sweet,Let yunjian granary radiate its humanistic value, historical value and architectural value, realize the linkage of park, community, block, scenic spot and campus, and build Yunjian Granary into a cultural songjiang all-area tourism demonstration zone integrating “scientific innovation, cultural innovation and physical innovation”.Park address | songjiang Shanghai 327 pine HuiDong road traffic guide | drunken Bai Chi stand near the subway line 9 The hotline | ▌ 021-37890780 END article source: clouds granary