Zhejiang Zhoushan quality inspection institute undertook a scientific research project through acceptance

2022-07-05 0 By

China Quality News network recently, Zhejiang Zhoushan Institute of Quality and Technology Supervision and Testing (hereinafter referred to as “Zhoushan Quality Inspection Institute”) undertaken by the Quality technology foundation of Zhejiang Market supervision system (NQI) scientific research project “Research on key common measurement and Testing technology of bulk commodities storage and transportation” successfully passed the acceptance of the provincial market supervision bureau.Quality courtyard around zhoushan city, zhejiang province on commodity storage key generic measurement test development demand, innovation in bulk cargo, bulk cargo dynamic measurement method and system research, development of dynamic measurement device, bridge type ship unloader establish tank capacity measurement method based on the industrial photogrammetry system, research and development of the bottom of the tank measurement system based on wireless communication,In addition, the deformation detection method of large storage tanks based on 3D imaging technology is developed to further solve the measurement and testing problems of “uncertainty”, “undetectable” and “undetectable” related to the storage, transportation, transit and trade of bulk commodities.In the next step, Zhoushan Quality Inspection Institute will continue to follow the strategic planning of bulk commodity storage and transportation industry in Zhejiang Free Trade Zone, gradually improve the capacity construction of industrial measurement and testing driven by scientific research and innovation, and provide important technical support for zhejiang Free Trade Zone to enhance the global resource allocation capacity of bulk commodities.(Correspondent Hao Huadong)