NATO enlargement to the east caused by Russia and the United States of war intensified, Russia’s foreign minister said, China’s only!

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At present, the whole world is paying attention to the direction of the Ukraine issue, but the key issue is not how Ukraine reacts, but how NATO and Russia play the game.Whether the United States and Russia can agree on the relevant issues.Russia sees NATO’s attempt to absorb Ukraine as an eastward expansion of its sphere of influence, which poses a serious threat to its national security.After many negotiations, the United States and Russia have yet to reach an agreement on the matter.But Russia says China is an important ally and cooperation between the two countries will deepen.There are reports that the United States and other Allies within NATO are looking for ways to attack Russia.It can be seen that Russia’s vigilance towards NATO is not groundless.Russia and Ukraine are neighbors. Once Ukraine becomes a member of NATO, there will be no barrier or buffer zone between Russia and NATO.Analysts say this is very dangerous for Russia.At the time of the border between Russia and Ukraine, some NATO members have begun to send weapons and ammunition to Ukraine.Without that support, Zelensky’s government might not have lasted so long at all.Although NATO’s eastward expansion is a key point in this story, the fact remains that the organization’s eastward expansion has never stopped.Estonia recently revealed that NATO is building a military base in its territory, which poses a serious threat to Russia.The Putin government must thoroughly analyze the situation and then make tailored plans, otherwise Russia may not be able to withstand NATO’s military pressure.The United States and Russia have held several rounds of talks, but they have failed to produce results because both sides have core interests that they need to defend.In response to American pressure, the Russian government said it had completed the establishment of a sino-Russian cooperation mechanism covering many areas, and that for Russia such relations could only exist between China and Russia.What the Russian side said fully proves the importance of China-Russia relations to Russia.Once western countries unite to impose comprehensive sanctions on Russia, as long as China supports Russia, it will be able to maneuver NATO and fight for survival.China-russia relations are equal and mutually beneficial.China also attaches great importance to Russia and relations between the two countries.China and Russia are not only close Allies, but also strategic partners of cooperation.If Russia loses this struggle, China’s national security will also be threatened.Because when Russia fails, China will be the next target of US and NATO.So China is bound to give Russia more support, and Russia has legitimate reasons to defend its rights.It remains to be seen whether Russia, the United States and NATO can find a peaceful solution.However, the difference between the two sides lies in the conflict of their core interests. No matter what the final outcome is, China stands with Russia in its position.War is always the last option and hope the incident can be resolved in a non-military way.Some sources: National Defense Times