Torchbearers, traffic people!

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The Beijing Winter Olympic Torch relay will run from February 2 to 4 in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou.There are about 1,200 torchbearers throughout the relay, some of them traffic people, come and see them!Guan is happy every step of the way. “I feel so honored to be a torchbearer for the Beijing Winter Olympics.It was only 50 meters, and I had fun every step of the way!”On February 2, the torch relay of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games kicked off. Guan Xiaonan, director of the road passenger transport Management Department of the Transport Service Department of the Ministry of Transport, was particularly excited.Guan xiaonan was the 26th leg of the torch relay in Beijing’s Olympic Forest Park, Beijing Winter Olympics Park and Shougang Park.On February 1, the first day of the Chinese New Year, Guan xiaonan arrived early at the torchbearers’ gathering place to prepare for the torch relay.As a transportation worker, she has paid more than two years of hard efforts for the transportation service guarantee work of the Beijing Winter Olympics.During the past two years, Guan xiaonan and her colleagues undertook the daily work of the Transportation coordination team for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games led by the Ministry of Transport, such as the formulation of transportation support policies for the Winter Olympic Games, the construction of transportation stations and hydrogenation stations, vehicle preparation and driver recruitment, ice removal and snow emergency support preparations…All the preparations were completed successfully.Traffic has open the games games-time security at present, close smile nan and his colleagues took part in the Beijing Olympic transportation COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control work plan research, formulated the epidemic prevention and control work instructions and guidance loop inside and outside more than 20 different scenarios of passenger and transport disinfection ventilation, transportation organization, personnel protective epidemic prevention and control work.The Winter Olympics are about to begin.During the Spring Festival, Guan and her colleagues were busy. Although she didn’t have time to accompany her family, guan said, “It’s a glorious mission to participate in the transportation coordination and guarantee work for the Winter Olympics, which is more meaningful than a reunion Spring Festival.”Behind her, there are thousands of people like her, who always stick to their posts, are conscientious and selfless, and provide healthy and safe transportation services for the simple, safe and wonderful Winter Olympics.On February 4, torchbearers strut and carry the torch for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games at the Summer Palace.Among them, there are traffic and maritime figures – Chen Wei, deputy director of Shanghai Pudong Maritime Administration.”I feel very proud to be a torchbearer.This honor not only belongs to me, but also belongs to all the traffic people!”Chen Wei, who completed the torch relay mission, could not hide her excitement.On January 23, Chen wei was selected as a torchbearer for the Beijing Winter Olympics, taking charge of the 29th leg of the torch relay in the Summer Palace area.”After receiving the notice, my family and colleagues were also very happy and urged me to run, lift dumbbells and get ready.””Coming to Beijing and seeing the torchbearer certificates issued by International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach and Beijing 2022 Organizing Committee Chairman CAI Qi, I feel a sacred mission,” Chen said.In 2002, Chen Wei entered the maritime system, engaged in the safety management of ships carrying dangerous goods and ship pollution prevention management, known as “the first person to open a box at a gate on water”, is a major advanced model of the transportation industry and Shanghai.She has been awarded the honorary titles of “National Advanced Worker”, “Top Ten Outstanding Youth of Shanghai”, “Top Ten Moving Figures of Shanghai Port”, “Top Ten Most Beautiful Young Workers with Special Attention in China”, “Civil Servant with National Satisfaction”, “Top Ten Moving Figures of Traffic in 2013”, “National Young Post Expert”, “National March eighth Pacesetter in 2019” and so on.”The torch of the Winter Olympic Games is being passed on with passion. Every transport and maritime worker of us should think, study, reflect and make progress in the daily performance of our duties, and pass on the baton of speeding up the construction of a transport power one by one.”Chen Wei said.”As an ordinary transport worker, I feel very honored and excited to be the torchbearer of the Winter Olympics.I wish the Winter Olympics a complete success, and I wish the Olympic athletes great achievements and glory for our country.”In Zhangjiakou Dajingmen site to participate in the torch relay 215 stick torchbearer – Hebei Provincial Communications Planning and Design Institute Party secretary, executive director He Yonghai excitedly said.Over the past 30 years, He yonghai has presided over the planning and design, maintenance engineering and post-construction services of several expressways and national trunk lines, contributing to the promotion of innovative development, green development and high-quality development in Hebei and the construction of an economically strong and beautiful Hebei.Hebei Traffic Regulation Institute has been awarded a number of honorary titles, such as “National Model Worker’s Home”, “National May 1 Labor Certificate”, “National Advanced Unit for Open and Democratic Management of Factory Affairs”, “Provincial Civilized Unit”, “National Advanced One Hundred Grassroots Party Organizations for Highway Traffic” and so on.He Yonghai has won the titles of “National Model Worker of Transportation System”, “Hebei Province May 1 Labor Medal”, “Hebei Province Government special Allowance expert”, “One hundred Excellent Designers of Chinese Highway”, “Hebei Province Survey and Design Industry outstanding Young Designer” and so on.”As the last stop of the torch relay, Dajingmen is a landmark building in Zhangjiakou, a historic trade route connecting China and Russia and the starting point of zhangkugu Trade Road.I am honored to be here today for the torch relay, which I feel is very meaningful.In the future, I will further carry forward the spirit of paving the way through mountains and building Bridges in water, willing to be the road stone, brave as the vanguard, to accelerate the writing of the chapter of hebei transportation power contribution.”He yonghai said.He Qilan let the Winter Olympic flame fly in the streets “so excited, so excited!As an ordinary taxi driver, I feel very honored and proud to be selected as a torchbearer for the winter Olympics, which is attracting worldwide attention.”He Qilan, a taxi driver from Zhangjiakou, said happily that he was the 129th torchbearer of the torch relay in zhangjiakou Industrial culture theme Park.He qilan has been operating taxis for more than a decade.Over the past ten years, taxi is not only a tool for her to make a living, but also a bridge for her to pass on love and civilization.She is enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings and actively participates in various trainings. By improving herself, she shows a good image of the city, serves visitors from all over the world and adds luster to the city’s “mobile business card”.In 2017, He qilan, her husband and hundreds of taxi drivers organized the “Peak Love Taxi team”.In the selection of the people, her husband as captain, he Qilan and other six people as vice captain.During these years, the team collected more than 1,000 mobile phones and more than 100,000 yuan of wallet items, all of which were returned to their owners.In February 2021, when the COVID-19 epidemic spread and the whole city pressed the “pause button”, he qilan and her husband used their taxi and private car at the same time in order to let the epidemic prevention workers return to work as soon as possible, and called for voluntary pickup through the radio, which received positive response from 10 teammates and one private car owner.Full-time shuttle doctors, police, guards, etc.He qilan’s mobile phone is still available 24 hours a day, when passengers are not feeling well, she rushed to the front…He qilan has won many honors, such as “The most beautiful Taxi Driver in Hebei Province”, “District Moral Model”, “Hebei Good Man”, “China good Man” and “Model of Helping Others”.”In the future, I will bring the passion and enthusiasm of the torch relay to my work, carry forward the torch spirit of staying true to the original aspiration and passing on the dream, let the Winter Olympic flame fly in the streets and contribute to polishing the city’s ‘mobile card’.”He qilan said.Source: China Traffic News highlights direct to Pudong Airport!This airport bus schedule must be a beautiful collection!Take Shanghai public transport can direct “ice and snow world” super dia!There are ten beautiful ancient towns hidden in Shanghai, which is the most convenient way to reach the propaganda and education center of Shanghai Transportation Commission