Gymnast girl was paraplegic due to injury at the age of 17. Her broker divorced her for 20 years, but she was called ungrateful

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At the end of 2020, the second season of the variety show Hello Mom aired.As the first celebrity guest, Sang LAN appeared in public again as a mother after five years.It is a miracle for a paraplegic woman to get pregnant and give birth. Maternal love is great, but the high cost and dangers behind it make such a choice controversial.Sang LAN is one such mother, and her life seems to have been surrounded by halo and controversy since her accident at the age of 17, and it still is.The accident that changed Sang LAN’s life was studied repeatedly by various people in more than ten years, and the cause of the incident was varied.The endless debate, who is lying?What kind of interest entanglements and sinister intentions are hidden behind your tit-for-tat remarks?Born in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, sang LAN’s parents are not athletes, but she likes to jump up and down since childhood, quite talented in sports.In 1982, the 6th World Cup gymnastics competition began, Li Ning won 6 individual champion and 1 individual third place in all 7 men’s events.He not only created the most amazing miracle in the history of world gymnastics, but also turned gymnastics into one of the symbols of Chinese sports overnight and became the spiritual pillar of countless Chinese people.The provinces and cities of gymnastics investment increased rapidly, and even in order to get the first opportunity, specially sent people to kindergarten selection of gymnastics good seedlings, domestic gymnastics talent competition into the era of white heat.Sang LAN, then 5 years old, was lively and physically excellent. She showed great interest and love in learning basic gymnastics movements in kindergarten.She learned quickly and accurately, and started her movements skillfully and aesthetically, so she was favored by the Zhejiang Provincial gymnastics team and received the invitation to enter the systematic training of the sports school.However, sang LAN’s parents received the news with mixed feelings. As adults, they know that love alone cannot make a career, and sports are far more difficult and dangerous than the traditional path to college and job hunting.Fearing for their children’s future, they turned down their first invitation to the Zhejiang provincial gymnastics team.Young Sang LAN certainly did not understand the game between adults, she simply liked gymnastics, happily stick to practice, day by day repetition, inadvertently let her gymnastics talent more and more shining.Xiao Sang LAN’s talent and sincere love for gymnastics made zhejiang gymnastics team overjoyed and treasured.They never gave up soliciting Sang LAN, and members of the coaching staff visited her parents at regular intervals to persuade them of Sang LAN’s talent beyond her peers and her bright future.Sang LAN lived right under their noses, and they knew all about her smile and glory when she was learning gymnastics.With the sincerity of the coaching staff, Sang LAN’s parents finally made up their minds and sent her to Ningbo Youth Sports School to systematically learn gymnastics.Since then, Sang LAN’s life began to enter the fast lane.Soon after learning gymnastics, she won the first five women’s gymnastics events in the provincial sports meeting, and began to show her face.From the sports school to the provincial team, and then to the national team, Sang LAN with less than 6 years to achieve the triple jump, and the last miracle “gymnastics prince” Li Ning, into the national team with a full 9 years.Gymnastics fans began to take notice of Sang LAN and have high expectations for her. They long for another “female Li Ning” in Chinese gymnastics.Sang LAN herself also enjoyed and responded to such expectations. She won gold MEDALS and silver MEDALS in domestic competitions, and quickly became a genius of Chinese women’s gymnastics at that time. Her popularity was getting higher and higher.As she grows stronger, sang LAN, a young and ambitious woman, looks abroad and is eager for a stunning win on the international stage to prove herself.In 1998, the fourth American Friendship Games, which was born out of the cold War to eliminate political interference and promote peace around the world, was held in the spotlight ever since.For Sang LAN at that time, such an international sports event was the best stage for her to make a surprise, and also the pedal and touchstone for her to the Olympic Games.Her vault event is recognized as the national no. 1 and sang LAN’s primary preparation for the event, requiring more pre-competition practice than other events.As luck would have it, Sang LAN could never have imagined that it was the vault practice she valued that ended her career and changed her life forever.She had a serious accident in practice before the competition. After taking off at high speed, Sang LAN lost control of her body in the air and hit the back of her head hard on the mat.The loud noise and the sound of broken bones shocked those around her, and medical staff quickly secured Sang LAN and took her to a medical center.The day after the accident, the games officials organized eight related personnel to hold a press conference to publicly introduce Sang LAN’s injury.Her neck fell from the height in the high speed movement, and the combined force of the two directly broke Sang LAN’s cervical spine, and she lost all bodily sensation below the chest, which was identified as an irreversible high paraplegia.From then on, Sang LAN not only gave up sports completely, but also became extravagant to live on her own.A rising gymnastic genius, has not yet blossomed, was blocked by fate, midway fall, it is a pity.Success on the injury of Sang LAN to accept the examination, do not know their physical condition, but no perception of the lower body, or let her feel uneasy and fear.When zhao Yuxin, the leader of the Chinese gymnastics team, came to visit her, she cheered herself up with a smile and asked, “Can I still practice gymnastics?”Without crying or complaining, Sang LAN’s love for gymnastics and optimism in the face of difficulties filled Zhao yuxin with emotion.However, the reality is always so cruel, she could not answer Sang LAN, just stood there, eyes moist, silent for a long time.Soon after the news of Sang LAN’s injury returned to China, people felt sad for her suffering, but also admired her optimism.In a short time, Sang LAN has transformed from a gymnastic genius into the embodiment of inspiration and strength. People call her the “smiling Angel”.People comfort and encourage her through a variety of ways at the same time, but also kept asking, such an excellent gymnastic genius, how could there be such a big accident?At a press conference organized by the FRIENDLY Games of the United States, official representatives repeatedly said that the venues and equipment they provided were in full compliance with international standards and sang LAN’s injury was an accident.Such a view, but was soon denied by Sang LAN himself.After the injury, she stayed in the United States to receive treatment and recuperation for 10 months. Before returning to China, Sang LAN gave an interview to CCTV Sports, detailing the whole process of her injury.At that time, she was in order to get familiar with the venue, so she chose the routine that she was very familiar with and good at. The accident was caused by human factors other than technology.Sang felt fine in the first half of the start, but when she reached the last three steps from the pedals, she suddenly noticed a foreign instructor dragging MATS off the track as her team finished training.Sang LAN, who was traveling at a high speed, could not stop. She was so scared that her mind went blank.Unable to control herself, Sang LAN described herself as dream-like. When she came to her senses, she was lying on the ground with no feeling in her lower body.Her claim attracted some attention at the time, but due to the lack of direct evidence and no one standing up to testify on her behalf, it was eventually abandoned.After Returning to China, Sang LAN won a large number of fans at home and abroad for her optimistic sportsmanship. Many celebrities also publicly praised and visited her.Although she lost the ability to move her legs, Sang LAN still had her hands. She opened a column on many media and continued her sports life through writing.She not only became one of the representatives of Gymnastics in China, but also became the flag of disabled sports in China.Her enduring popularity led to a variety of opportunities. TV stations customized programs for her and invited her to be the host.Peking University journalism department exempted her from the exam and let her study radio and TELEVISION major.After the injury sang LAN grew up all the way, all the way to harvest flowers and applause.In 2008, Sang LAN was selected as one of the first torchbearers to carry the Olympic Games in China.Many fans, who have been following Sang LAN for a long time, were very relieved to see this moment, believing that the 17-year-old paralyzed girl has recovered from the shadow of that year and will be better and better in the future.However, just three years later, Sang LAN brought the 10-year-old case back to the front of people’s eyes with a world-shaking lawsuit.She is seeking justice for her paralysis and a whopping $1.8 billion in damages.It didn’t work out that way.This lawsuit, not only let her halo dissipated, from now on questioned constantly, but also brought the man behind her — her husband Huang Jian to the front.Huang Jian and Sang LAN met in 1999. They met through friends.He used to be a member of the Beijing Fencing team. Due to his performance, Huang retired in 1997 and entered Beijing Sport University to study.After graduating from school, Huang jian did not engage in his old profession, but became a rare sports agent in China at that time, becoming the man behind the athletes.It was for this reason that his friend introduced him to Sang LAN, hoping that he could help Her work in a domestic brokerage company as a friend.Sang LAN was still 17 or 18 years old when she was injured and had not yet participated in world championships or sports meetings.Her athletic career was cut short too early, and she had not had time to experience what she should have seen step by step.When Sang LAN was interviewed by the media later, she recalled that after her injury, she received a lot of attention, big media from all over the world came to interview her, and countless people came to visit her. In a short period of time, she saw many scenes that she had never seen in her life.Fortunately, during treatment in the United States, in addition to the life of parents to take care of, other kinds of public activities are coordinated and arranged by special personnel.She doesn’t have to ask questions about event attendance, interview schedules, media contacts, background checks, etc. She just follows the schedule.However, when she returned to China, sang LAN suddenly changed back into that naive girl without the help of professional staff. She and her parents were not sure about all kinds of activities.When her friend introduced Huang to her, it came as a blessing. He not only gave sound advice from a sports agent’s point of view, but also helped transport Sang LAN to events when her parents were away.As they met more and more frequently, Huang jian knew sang LAN more and more deeply, and felt more and more incredible.He had expected Sang LAN, as a famous sports star, not to earn much money, but not too badly either.The reality, however, is that Sang LAN’s living conditions are far more difficult than he imagined.According to Sang LAN, she was discharged after returning to China, and the General Administration of Sport of China and the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau each awarded her 200,000 yuan in compensation according to the standard for work-related injury.The money was already a large sum of compensation at the beginning of the century, but for Sang LAN, who was a paraplegic in high position, it was a drop in the ocean and water without a source.Not only does she have to undergo regular and expensive rehabilitation, she also has to catheterize her urine three times a day, which takes 30 minutes to an hour each time, and use casserol to clear her bowels every three days.As her parents are getting old, Sang LAN has to hire a nanny to take care of her, which is another big expense.As for her income, zhejiang Sports Bureau will give her a fixed salary of 1,600 yuan every month, plus 600 yuan for nursing expenses, and she must rely on hosting and writing to make a living for other expenses.The Friendly Games of America had pledged to take care of Sang LAN and insured her for $10 million in health insurance.But in practice, they made only token phone calls to Sang LAN over the years, and the medical benefits were not available at home.According to the insurance agreement, Sang LAN also needs to buy $5 million worth of drugs from the United States each year to keep the coverage going.Huang Jian saw all this. What impressed him more was that sang LAN still worked hard with a smile and tried to live a better life even though life was so cruel.In 2004, Huang jian officially signed a contract with Sang LAN as her full-time agent, and the two became a partnership from friends.At work, Huang jian helped Sang LAN with her planning and overall planning, so that her income increased significantly and her living conditions became better and better.In life, Huang Jian stays by Sang LAN’s side and takes care of her in every possible way.Sang LAN has said more than once: “I really appreciate him, especially after my parents left Beijing, he took care of me.”More than ten years get along, let two people each other gradually unripe sincere feeling, finally go together.After falling in love with Sang LAN, Huang Jian has been trying to get justice and compensation for her, but he has no way out.Until one day, When Huang jian was watching a feature film about Sang LAN, he discovered an amazing detail.Sang LAN’s coach at the time recalled that she was disturbed by others when she was injured.Huang thought this was an important breakthrough and began to gather evidence around it.In June 2020, Huang jian, through a producer of ESPN sports channel, found a videotape recording sang LAN’s injury.The emergence of this crucial evidence made Huang jian and Sang LAN determined to launch a lawsuit against the old case 12 years ago and seek justice.After a full year of evidence gathering and litigation preparation, Sang LAN, with Huang’s support, filed a lawsuit against five institutions and three individuals in the US in April 2011.In the indictment, they listed a total of 18 charges against the eight defendants, each claiming $100 million for a total of $18 million.The high amount of damages, the 13-year old case and Sang LAN’s high profile have caused widespread concern in both China and the United States.To restore the truth of the matter and seek justice for herself, Sang LAN’s demands are reasonable and legal, and many people who pay attention to the matter also recognize them.But to everyone’s surprise, except for the insurance company and the relevant American agency, Sang LAN’s complaint included accusations of inadequate guardianship, invasion of privacy and unjust enrichment against the two Chinese couples who cared for her in the United States.Due to the lack of evidence, Sang LAN’s accusations against the Chinese couple were seen by many as weak.The Chinese couple also publicly denounced Sang LAN in front of the media for being ungrateful, and claimed that Sang LAN and Huang Jian did all this just to get money.In a moment, Sang LAN’s halo faded, from “smiling angel” to “ungrateful villain”.The surge of public opinion does not affect the litigation, both sides launched a long seesawing war, around the whole three and a half years, the price of the lawsuit finally settled.In the end, the three insurance companies and USA Gymnastics reached a settlement with Sang LAN, admitting that the injury at the 1998 Friendly Games in the United States was not personal fault, and paying Sang $10 million and part of her medical expenses in China.Sang LAN’s injury accident was concluded through judicial channels, but her accusations against the Chinese couple were countersued due to insufficient evidence, and the charges were voluntarily withdrawn.Although the verdict does not reveal the whole truth, it can explain part of the problem. Although Sang LAN and his wife got justice, they also provoked doubts that continue to this day.Huang gave an interview to Sports Illustrated in August 2010, before starting his international legal battle.He said he decided to Sue for two main reasons: to secure a future life and to seek justice.After the lawsuit, Huang jian and Sang LAN’s life returned to peace, and the couple soon announced their marriage and had a child of their own.Off the screen, Huang jian and Sang LAN are ordinary people with emotions and desires.