New North early morning gun!Taiwan media: the man fired 11 shots at the temple to escape, surrounded by police officers shot himself

2022-07-07 0 By

According to “United Daily News”, “China News Network” and other Taiwan media reports, new Taipei City today (February 17) in the early morning shooting, the 46-year-old man Surnamed Chen 16 evening drove in front of a temple in Triple shot 11 shots and then fled, the police investigation found that he ran to hougang Road motel in Xinzhuang, more than 3 a.m.,Chen was surrounded by police as he left the motel, and later shot himself to death.A 46-year-old man surnamed Chen, who had criminal convictions for drugs and guns, reportedly choked a man surnamed Tang on Facebook around 9 p.m. Wednesday, prompting Chen to post messages saying, “Even if you’re a ghost, you’ll find me” and “I’ll take my anger with me!I’ll find you!”Finally meet to triple district yongfu street temple temple “jiji” negotiations.A short time later, Chen fired 11 shots at the iron gate of the temple before fleeing.Tang did not appear, and no one was present at the temple. No one was injured.After shooting out his anger, Chen fled to a motel on Hougang 1st Street in Xinzhuang district. He called Zheng’s girlfriend, 26, and Lin’s ex-wife, 39, to his room and contacted a 37-year-old Chen to drive another car to meet him and escape.According to the report, Chen and his ex-wife, who have two children, were in a custody dispute when they asked zheng to have sex in a motel room on Saturday night. The ex-wife angrily refused to leave the motel and Chen found himself ambushed by police shortly after he left.As police rounded him up, Chen pulled out the pistol he was carrying and shot himself in the head, falling to the ground on the spot.Police rushed into the motel, and in the room found 2 pistols, 65 bullets, 90 bags of drugs coffee bags, the accomplice Chen, Zheng, Lin three people according to guns, drugs and other crimes transferred to the District prosecutors office for investigation, and will trace the source of guns and drugs.