Smart people are able to pick up and put down

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Recently read a story, a boy for a girl of three years the conditions are too harsh and repeatedly attempt suicide so really smart people how to take up that Socrates had ever said: for me, there is no any thing is indispensable, I have no worries, we is not hard to understand so I am happy from Socrates to,In the face of any unexpected things should be able to take up and put down, since some things have happened and can not be redeemed, then we have to be immersed in it can not extricate themselves, internal consumption?The so-called “pick up” is a kind of attitude towards our life and life, including our attitude when facing difficulties and challenges. It is a result of expressing things after they happen, and also a psychological hint to let ourselves remember whatever we do in the future.People’s life to experience a lot of things, if everything we have to go to internal consumption, entanglement, then your life will be very tired!One day he asked a peasant, “Why are you so happy every day?”The farmer replied, I used to get frustrated because I had no shoes, until one day I saw a man who had no feet.The nobleman suddenly realized that he was happy every day, but that he had not paid attention to the moments of happiness in his life. He gave the farmer a little money as a token of gratitude. The farmer said, “Now I am happy again.So really smart people how to put down the world could not, should not only moving feet so-called “put down”, according to their psychological activity for a long time to make a let oneself can accept and do things suitable for their strategies and skills, through continuously improve their cognition and mood of mature, you meet things, all is floating clouds!When you are finished after the noble and the farmer’s conversation, his thought for a minute, in the past day, three days, a month or even countless days, whether you also in painful experience, is only to complain and didn’t realize where true happiness is, everyone is to do every thing has its existence, if you really understand this, so congratulations you,Learn to let yourself not “can not put down” from today, let yourself live a little more free and easy!Cleverness is used for the right way, and the more cleverness, the better.Cleverness is used for evil, the more cleverness the more wrong, and literary fame is suitable for its evil.In the game of chess in life, losing and winning are in your heart, only we keep giving up and acquiring can make us have quality every day, and happy in body and mind!