Tai ‘an Central Blood Bank carried out voluntary service activities themed “Practice Civilized fashion and Share Green Qingming festival”

2022-07-07 0 By

Changing traditional martyrs’s idea to guide the city’s cadres and masses, lead the new fashion of the martyrs green civilization, boost the epidemic prevention and control work in the city, and actively promote the “civilization of the festival of qingming festival” theme activities carried out, on April 1, blood stations Tai’an City center deep packages to community volunteers, organized a “practice of civilized practices Shared green qingming festival “theme of volunteer service activities.The main content of this volunteer service activity is to inherit patriotic spirit, carry forward family tradition and family training and carry out civilized worship and sweep propaganda.Volunteers uniformly wear “Tai ‘an Xiaomai” volunteer service vest, and guide the community to consciously obey the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control by hanging propaganda banners, distributing “Green Funeral Propaganda white paper” to community residents and combining on-site propaganda, enhance safety awareness, and consolidate the concept of civilized green mourning.We encourage people to prevent the burning of sacrificial objects in public places and consciously protect the environment through civilized and low-carbon sacrificial rites such as family memorial and online sacrificial rites.Through the development of the theme of voluntary service activities, so that baobao community residents consciously enhance safety awareness, tree labor civilization green worship concept, consciously break the burning incense paper money, fireworks and other bad habits, further improve the civilized quality of the masses.(Yu Ruijie)