The old soldier cried: In order to go to the front, you go!

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“I know I can’t talk about this. If I talk about it again, I’m going to cry.””But I am not in charge. Now, if you promise to return to your post, I will let you go.””You can go out and come back, but you can’t go anywhere else. You can go out purely for work.””You’re a medical worker, so you go to the front.”Liu Miao, secretary of the party’s general branch in a residential area of Shanghai’s Hongkou district, was found crying in the recording on May 5.Reporter: When did you know this recording was a hit?Liu Miao: It happened on the morning of April 4th. During the whole day of nucleic acid screening in Shanghai, our community was also doing the test. We didn’t hear about it until that evening.Reporter: What was it like on the tape?Liu Miao: The nurse who called is a resident of our community. Her building is under lockdown. She has communicated with me several times before.That day was a phone call, I said, you live in the building is infected, to tell the work unit clearly.To be honest, she’s a nurse, and we must be rooting for the hospital to call her back.But I’m responsible for our neighborhood, so I want to make sure.Reporter: say say how can drop tears?Liu Miao: I did feel a little pressure at that time. I understand how to do the work of residents, but epidemic prevention technology is not my specialty.At that time, the community was making nucleic acid, AND I was wearing baymax’s clothes. I answered the phone and put it on speakerphone. I couldn’t hear clearly, so I was a little worried.Reporter: Did you let her out?Liu Miao: I thought about it for a while, and I suggested that she do the nucleic acid screening before going out, because I thought that when she returned to the hospital, she would definitely need to present the 48-hour nucleic acid report, and then she would send me the letter of commitment and relevant certificates, so that she could go out.Reporter: is this situation much in the sealing period?Liu Miao: I looked at our registration again today. There are more than 30 such cases in our community. All of them have written letters of commitment and registered materials.So far, no one has been released from my hands by mistake, and they all reported to us when they came back.No matter who they are, they really need to go out, or they are seriously ill, including a pregnant woman in our community. On the first day of lockdown, there was a sign of premature labor. After understanding this, we released them in time, and the child was born on the same day.Liu Miao is a former soldier.He joined the army in 1995 and was discharged in 2012. He has worked in the army for 16 years.He came to the community in October 2019 and started as an assistant to the party secretary. He has been serving as the party secretary since the summer of 2021.Liu miao said that on March 28, the community was locked down because of an infected person.”There are 1,383 households in our community, and the number of residents is basically stable at 3,650. There are not many people in the neighborhood committee, and they all live in the neighborhood committee. When we are here, people feel relieved and do not panic at all.”In addition, liu Miao was particularly touched by the fact that more than 160 residents of the community raised their hands to help. “Before, everyone was busy working, but this time they came to report for duty and sent us supplies and condolences for fear that we did not have enough to eat.”After listening to the recording, many netizens said, “This is a good secretary with temperature.”Netizens in Shanghai also wrote their understanding and gratitude to the medical staff and community workers.Article source: Chinese ex-soldier (ID: ZgTYJR).Reprint need to indicate from “Chinese ex-servicemen” wechat public number, otherwise regarded as infringement.Source: CCTV News, People’s Daily online, etc