There is no life of shame, only the life you want

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Once upon a time, the story of a college student in Jiangsu province won numerous praises.During his college years, he traveled to more than 600 cities in 31 provinces and spent 110,000 yuan on train tickets alone, with 150,000 yuan in savings.One netizen commented: “I am still struggling to make ends meet while others have moved up to a higher level.”He was asked, “Where did you get so much money?”The boy told the truth that he worked part-time as a dishwasher in the school canteen and earned 2,500 yuan a month in addition to free meals.In his spare time, he likes to pick up waste products, 1.2 yuan per kilogram of waste products, almost 30 jin a day, a month can sell 1200 yuan.With 1,500 yuan of living expenses from my mother, I have 5,200 yuan of income every month.For an ordinary college student, this is indeed a “large sum of money”, he can go where he wants to go.But instead of being looked up to by his classmates, he was laughed at.When the headmaster of his school heard about this, instead of being sarcastic, he backed him up, saying, “Don’t care what others think of you. You earn your money by working for yourself.”In the eyes of the public, it is really shameful for a bright college student to wash dishes and pick up garbage.However, it was these “shameful” events that made him learn independence and life, and let him walk through the cities with shining lights, see the world and see more scenery.People’s emotions are not the same, no one can really achieve empathy with others.There are always people who are used to standing up and pointing.Others think good, not necessarily for you;Others do not look up to, do not have to abandon.Schopenhauer once said, “The most peculiar weakness of human nature is to care what others think of us.”Everyone has different experiences, grew up in different environments, and sees things differently.A person should have his own life, not live in someone else’s shadow.Sometimes, turn around, is another kind of life.