Ding Ning, torchbearer of the Beijing Winter Olympics: I hope Chinese athletes will pursue their dreams with all their might

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Torchbearer Ding Ning takes part in the torch relay on February 4.Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Liang fast Beijing February 4 (reporter Yang Lei) “as a summer Olympic athletes, can serve as the torch of the Winter Olympic Games, I feel very glorious.”Table tennis Olympic champion and Grand Slam winner Ding Ning was still excited after taking part in the torch relay for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics this morning.The torch relay for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held at the Summer Palace in Beijing, Capital of China, February 4, 2008. Ding Ning, the first torchbearer, held the torch in her hand and carried it steadily.Despite being a table tennis player, Ding ning has a history with ice and snow sports. Her father was a speed skater.”I think the Olympics are a big family,” Ding said in an interview. “Whether we athletes participate in the Winter Olympics or the Summer Olympics, it’s just different seasons.I am honored to be a torchbearer, carrying the spirit of the Winter Olympics and the Olympic Spirit.Ding completed her identity transformation in September 2021, when she enrolled in a master’s degree program at Peking University.Many of her classmates have signed up as volunteers for the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics.As a veteran of the two Olympic Games, Ding Ning shared her rich Olympic experience with her classmates.”I hope the experience of serving in the Beijing Winter Olympics will be a particularly important memory in their lives,” ding said. “I hope they can feel the Olympic spirit and charm, which will give them strength in their future study, life and work.”With the Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Chinese ice and snow athletes will also take part in the Games, and Ding Ning also sent her best wishes to them.”The athletes have worked very hard to prepare for the Olympics, and it is a golden opportunity to participate in the Winter Olympics in their home country.I hope every one of them can live up to their efforts and the expectations of the people.In the Olympic Games, the gold medal is our goal, but I hope they can chase their dreams, give their best and enjoy the competition.”