Jinghai District Committee standing Committee held party history study education thematic democratic life

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According to the deployment requirements of the Municipal Committee of the CPC, on January 30, the Standing Committee of Jinghai District Committee held a special democratic meeting on The study and education of the History of the Party, centering on vigorously carrying forward the great spirit of the Party’s founding, adhering to and developing the historical experience of the Party’s century-old struggle, strengthening historical confidence, practicing the mission of The Times, strengthening the feelings for the people, and having the courage to take responsibility.The theme of uniting and leading the people on a new road to rush for the exams is to thoroughly investigate shortcomings, conduct party spirit analysis, and carry out criticism and self-criticism.District party secretary Liu Chunlei presided over and speech.Municipal party history study education third tour steering group leader Wang Zhanqin, the city commission for discipline inspection of the eighth supervisory inspection room responsible comrade and steering group members to guide.Jin Huijiang, deputy secretary and Head of the District Committee and Xu Ying, deputy Secretary of the District Committee attended the meeting.District people’s Congress standing Committee director Zhao Enhai, district CPPCC chairman Dou Shuangju non-voting.The District Committee attaches great importance to the success of this special democratic meeting, organizing members of the Standing Committee to thoroughly study Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee through special discussions and individual self-study.To study the spirit of a series of important speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping on the important requirements of the “Three Focuses” on tianjin work and the important instructions and instructions on the work in the region and in the field, to study the Party constitution and regulations and the relevant requirements of the Municipal Committee, to extensively listen to opinions and suggestions in various ways, to have in-depth heart-to-heart talks, to communicate ideas and exchange views.The standing committee of the District Committee and members of the standing Committee in strict accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Committee, in-depth analysis of the Party spirit, carefully write contrast inspection materials and speech outline.Before the meeting, in accordance with the requirements of the democratic life, members of the standing committee of the district committee undertook a collective oath, review party oath.Conference, Leo about this special democratic life for advice and district party committee standing committee last year democratic life and patrol the rectification project democratic life rectification measures to carry out the situation, and makes a contrast examination on behalf of the district party committee standing committee staff, deeply analyzes the reasons and problems with the actual clear direction in the future and corrective actions.Subsequently, Liu Chunlei took the lead in self-criticism, the district committee of the standing committee of the comrade one by one for individual check, mutual criticism and help.We have put ourselves, our responsibilities, and our work to the task. Our suggestions and suggestions are straightforward, and our improvement measures are clear and specific, thus achieving our desired goals.Wang Zhanqin, leader of the third tour steering group of party history study and education of municipal Party Committee, pointed out in his comments that since the launch of party history study and education, Jinghai District has insisted on taking party history study and education as a major political task, and has achieved remarkable results by strict standards, highlighting key points and promoting high positions.Thematic democratic life will be fully prepared, rigorous procedures, high quality, criticism and self-criticism among team members spicy, to the point, the point of pain, touch the mind, touch the soul, to achieve mutual criticism, remind each other, help each other, enhance unity, promote the purpose of work.The next step is to take this special democratic life as a new starting point, combine in-depth study and education of party history, highlight key points, come up with strong measures, clear deadline for completion, strict standards and requirements, and firmly grasp the rectification and implementation of nail spirit.Liu Chunlei said in the conclusion of the speech, this special democratic life, we adhere to the problem-oriented, in-depth investigation of the problems, and combined with the actual work, put forward specific rectification measures.Self-criticism has come straight to the point, and mutual criticism, openness and honesty have served as a warning, education, detoxification and medical treatment. It has unified our thinking, enhanced our unity, and concentrated our strength, and has fully demonstrated the political nature, the nature of The Times, the principles, and the effectiveness of intra-Party political activities.Liu chunlei stressed that we should take this special democratic life as an opportunity to build the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee into a stronger and more powerful, leading groups at all levels of the district and the majority of party members and cadres to set an example.We should strengthen political loyalty, firmly uphold the “two principles” and “two principles”, always keep in mind that “the great power of the country”, take the lead in studying and reflecting on Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and make every effort to implement it in a close connection with the actual situation in jinghai.We should thoroughly study and understand general Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of important discussions on party history study and education, educate and guide officials and the general public to establish a correct view of Party history, move forward with confidence, and promote the study and education of Party history to become regular and long-term.We must put the people first, work for the people and solve difficult problems with real sincerity, and strive to achieve substantive progress in achieving common prosperity.Xi called for coordinated epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, implemented the major national strategy of coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and accelerated the building of a new modern socialist sea of Tranquility that is innovatively developed, ecologically livable, civilized and happy.We must move beyond the historical cycle of fighting chaos and decline, strengthen our determination to carry out self-revolution, tighten up our political responsibility for governing the Party, and ensure that we are fully and consistently strict in our efforts to comprehensively govern the Party with strict discipline.The standing Committee of the District Party Committee should assume the main responsibility for the rectification of the problems of the special democratic life, combine the solution of problems with the establishment of rules and regulations, and do a solid job of rectification. In the process of vigorously grasping the rectification, the party should sublimate its ideological understanding, improve its working level, and strengthen its excellent team, so as to welcome the 20th victory of the Party with excellent achievements in various work.Source: Jing Hai Rong Media END