Surprise benefits, Ganzhou Volvo S90 price reduced 16.71%, looking forward to your visit

2022-07-09 0 By

This week Volvo S90 latest offer: Volvo Ganzhou Greenland Xiangwo store until February 7, limited time promotion, the highest discount of 68,000 yuan, such a discount, we can not miss the drop, store address:Ganzhou Development Zone No. 20 Jintan Road promotion period from February 05, 2022 to February 07, 2022 preferential conditionsLocal license, this month within the car order, insurance, in-store loan, in-store brand Volvo S90 latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price margin ganzhou quotation B5 Zhiyi luxury edition 406,900 yuan 68,800 yuan 338,900 yuan B5 Zhiyuan luxury edition 68,800 yuan 382,900 yuan B5B5 Zhiya luxury edition 505,900 Yuan 68,800 yuan 437,900 yuan