TBC group this opening day magic dynasty collapse “World of Warcraft” hunter back to the top of the king return

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World of warcraft TBC nostalgic clothing of mount hyjal and the dark shrine two this is open now, after the first day of the race, a lot of guild are already all customs clearance, the overall difficulty speaking or is very suitable, our guild is after an afternoon of the seamounts get through the hard, ready to challenge the dark temple today.Morning to look at the list of WCL, found the DPS list earth-shaking changes have taken place in that before it has been a warlock and master these two career take in both the first and second, now these two career has become the third and the fourth, instead of two professional hunters and violent battle, this is I didn’t expect, it seems in terms of the two copies,The profession of the law system has not been able to make the tyrant, the hunter is back to the top is also the return of the king.For the copy of the battle of mount hyjal, the BOSS of the mechanism are still relatively balanced, about the melee and ranged 3 BOSS and gram MengDeHui good for melee rate for some, 4 BOSS is better, so either melee or ranged are relatively balanced, want to hit the high DPS is basically all the connection.The hunter can return to the top first, because the arrow up one level, followed by and violent wars and other physical DPS, seamounts of BOSS armor is generally 6200, lords, kyle, prince is consistent with the council, except prince fell orange weapons affect physical DPS you will have a little bit stronger, just don’t have same be regarded.Another point is that most of the bosses in mount Hyjal and Temple of Darkness are output by single players, and few of them require AOE. The AOE ability of mages and warlocks is limited, and the output of pure single players is still inferior to that of physical classes. There are also bosses like AK and Blood Fit, which require frequent distance movement.But the melee output is a little more comfortable.The most important thing is the fact that hunter and Rogue will get a big jump with T6, and fury and Rogue will also be able to enter T1 if they get a double Egg blade, so these classes are still at the top of the list for the future.In addition, there will be a lot of sunder armor equipment in this stage. Many teams will choose to match the overall sunder armor equipment to improve efficiency. In this case, the physics profession still has a great advantage.So, wars and the darkness of the temple mount hyjal the two regiment, or physical career has obvious advantages, and the hunter will also from this version has been strong to the end, because the next open this is the mass of the sunwell plateau, and orange bow line lida, version of the wrath of the stars, no one can more than hunters.