Accused by the United States, the former president was taken away with his hands and feet in chains

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Former Honduran President Javier Hernandez was arrested Thursday at his home in the capital, La Stampa reported Thursday.The United States on Wednesday formally requested his arrest and extradition to the United States on three charges related to drug trafficking.The US Embassy in Honduras on Thursday requested the provisional arrest of a Honduran politician for extradition purposes, 20 days after former President Javier Hernandez ended his second term in office, according to media reports.Honduran Supreme Court-appointed Justice Edwin Ortiz issued an arrest warrant for Hernandez on Monday, with Security Minister Ramon Sabiron directing the operation.Hernandez was arrested at his home the same day.When he left his home in an exclusive residential area in the east of Tegucigalpa, he was escorted by the task force to the National police station, wearing body armor and having his hands and feet chained.Hundreds of police and military personnel have set up security precautions to prevent Hernandez from escaping after the US made a formal request for his arrest on Thursday.Hernandez said earlier today that he is ready to cooperate with investigators and will defend himself.The United States charged Hernandez with three counts, including “illegally introducing a controlled substance into the United States,” “engaging in the production and distribution of controlled substances,” and “using or facilitating the use of a firearm in support of drug trafficking.”The US Embassy says half a million kilograms of cocaine have been shipped from Honduras to the US since 2004.Hernandez is scheduled to appear at the hearing at around 10:30 a.m. local time, a source said.It is not clear if Mr Hernandez will be extradited to the US, a process that could take nearly three months.Hernandez is the second former Honduran president to be extradited to stand trial in the United States.In 2016, former President Rafael Callejas was indicted in the United States for alleged corruption during his time as head of the Honduran Football Federation.(Overseas network)