S mother accepted a Korean son-in-law?Small S sun junye recent photos, big S by love moist radiant

2022-07-10 0 By

Since S official announced their own wedding news, many netizens are curious about her new husband, not only because her heart husband is Korean, but also because clearly two people have no contact for 20 years, suddenly a phone call on the old love rekindled, let a person feel very catch horse, TV drama dare not play it??After official announce marriage, provide junye also comes to Taiwan without stopping to want to meet with the wife that did not see 20 years, see isolated time should end, small S also more excited, it is all kinds of praise and approbation to brother-in-law.He also said on his social media account that Gu junye was very handsome and encouraged him even though his pronunciation of the multiplication table was not that good.Gu Jun-yeop is the same as he was 20 years ago. He has black skin, round black eyes and a beard around his mouth, but he can feel his age.People in the comment section were also excited to see the new brother-in-law, with one even mentioning that S’s mother was “furious”.S’s mother didn’t know her daughter S got married until she was interviewed, and she felt very upset that she didn’t discuss her daughter’s major life events like this.I did not expect S to say that his mother now finally loves him (Gu Jun-yeop)……What about the big S that we didn’t care about?How S mother also attitude change so fast, as expected this family are very catch horse.Except for little S, everyone here is talking about Gu Junye. Big S is radiant after getting the moisture of love again. When gathering with friends, big S has a strong smile and affinity, and even wearing light makeup, she can feel her skin is super good.Sure enough, she is still the same big S who always dares to love and hate, and this time is the same. No matter what the public says about Ju Junye, she still insists on pursuing her love.The distance with a handsome Ye time isolation has been more and more near the end of the big S new marriage melon although always been attention to, but will have a pleasant sensation, like chasing a novel 20 years did not see “friends”, after all, most handsome Ye was big S first love again, after the big S, with a handsome Ye read also never talk about love, and so on,I have to admire hsu S for making her life as interesting as an idol drama.It is not easy for the masses to follow big S all the time. Now it depends on how Gu Junye performs after that.Besides, the reason why Big S can be so “brave pursuit of love” is also because she is rich enough to have the cost of trial and error, with children and once experienced married life, their own life to play how others can not interfere.