Spring Festival features | look at the new wing area ancient shops in the town of party members and cadres is how to celebrate Spring Festival

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“Please wear masks, people returning from outside the city and province scan the location code, keep a distance of one meter, and at the same time scan the QR code to fill in personal information.”On February 3 (the third day of the first lunar month), Sun Yi, party secretary of Gudian Town, led a team to the expressway Datong North toll Station (Taiyuan direction) and expressway Datong North (Jining direction) checkpoint to check the epidemic prevention and control work.Sun yi inquired about the situation of bayonet setting, traffic flow and logistics support, on-site inspection of two codes, information registration and other prevention and control measures, and urged everyone to do a good job of personal protection.During the Spring Festival, there is a large flow of people at the entrance of each village, which is the key and difficult point of epidemic prevention and control.In recent days, sun Yi, the party secretary of the town, and Yang Xijun, the mayor of the town, have visited the village checkpoints to check the epidemic prevention and control work during the Spring Festival, visited the front-line staff, and extended New Year’s greetings and festive greetings to everyone.At every village checkpoint, they carefully supervised and inspected the implementation of prevention and control measures such as health code inspection, travel code, temperature measurement and registration by the personnel on duty.Platoon troops array, under the careful deployment of “first hand chess”.Since the beginning of January, the Party Committee and government of Gudian Town have held special meetings on COVID-19 prevention and control for many times to rearrange and redeploy COVID-19 prevention and control work during the Spring Festival of the town. At the meetings, all working groups, villages and enterprises were clearly required to attach great importance to it.We will strengthen the screening and control of key groups of people and those who have returned to their hometowns, vaccinate all groups of people, set and configure epidemic prevention in key places, supervise the whole process of cold chain food, store epidemic prevention materials and work safety, and ban fireworks and firecrackers.Make sure that the on-duty personnel are on duty 24 hours a day during the Spring Festival, and do a good job in safety inspection and emergency response.We will strengthen control and weave a protective net across the entire anti-epidemic line.In the prevention and control of the epidemic, Gudian town explored the formation of the “five one” working method, namely, before the Spring Festival to carry out a wide publicity, a business training, a full coverage survey, a public commitment, a rectification and improvement, and during the Spring Festival.Grid workers in all villages have become the “clairvoyant eyes and ears” of precise control policies at both town and village levels. They grasp the latest prevention and control policies and requirements, strengthen comprehensive screening of returnees and key groups, and faithfully register and report the screening situation to ensure that no one is missed.Make good control of foreign personnel, master the return information of those who have not returned home in advance, and make full coverage and accurate tracking of their journey.Key measures should be taken to identify returnees from medium – and high-risk areas, and to establish a ledger so that they can be known to, controlled by, managed and taken care of in the future. At the same time, efforts should be made to do a solid job in vaccination, ensure that all the people who need to be taken care of are taken, and effectively build a solid barrier of herd immunity.To ensure that the people of the whole town have a happy, safe and peaceful Spring Festival, we will strictly implement the 24-hour on-duty and on-duty system and intensify the supervision of epidemic prevention and control.Bow and scrape, play a good propaganda investigation “initiative battle”.Gudian town party branches and party members actively responded to the call of the town Party Committee, through party members, work groups, relatives, friends and other wechat groups to the general public to carry out extensive publicity of prevention and control measures, try not to visit relatives and friends.At the same time, publicity vehicles, loudspeakers in villages, posters and other means were fully used to spread publicity in the area, guide the masses to scientifically prevent the epidemic, and create a good atmosphere for everyone to participate in the prevention and control.Five professional training sessions were held for grid personnel of epidemic prevention and control in the town, with more than 460 people being trained. A total of more than 12,000 prevention and control notification letters were issued and 1,219 short messages were sent.It is understood that during the Spring Festival, the ancient town of shop nearly 200 town, village party members and cadres comprehensive sinking, stick to the epidemic prevention and control of a line, to execute “peer-to-peer” returnees precision household services, help and supervise and guide a line at the grass-roots level to carry out normalized epidemic prevention and control work, made positive contributions to the whole town epidemic prevention and control work, and provide strong organization guarantee.(Source: Xinrong Zero-distance Manuscript/Zhang Xuan photography/Liu Zhonghua)