Spring Festival holiday family fun?3 quality MPV recommended, inexpensive and large space

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After holding back for two years, this Spring Festival can finally breathe a sigh of relief. In addition to visiting relatives and friends during the Spring Festival, many friends are preparing for a “not too far” self-driving trip. At this time, carrying luggage is an inevitable problem.Multi-member family travel, naturally need a large space model, and MPV will undoubtedly have more advantages in this situation.Today, we will recommend a few close to the people, high appearance level, large space high-quality models.If your budget is in the range of 100,000-150,000 yuan, then Trumpchi M6 is undoubtedly the model to be considered. In the middle and high-end household MPV lineup, the sales volume of this car can be said to be quite top.Trumpchi M6 adopts lingyun wing 3.0 design language, the flying wing type air intake grille is composed of multiple chrome plated bars, with matrix LED headlights, the overall delicate feeling is very sufficient.The interior of trumpchi M6 is also a family-style design. The through-through dual-screen is basically “the same style” as trumpchi GA6 and other models. It is commendable in terms of picture quality, fluency and multi-function.In terms of materials, the car also uses a lot of soft material package, with backlit solid keys and metal texture of chrome decoration, the overall grade sense is not low.In terms of space, the TRUMpchee M6 is 4780/1837/1730mm long, wide and high, respectively, and the wheelbase is 2810mm. The seat layout is in the form of 2+2+3, and it can be laid down in proportion.In terms of power, the trumpchi M6 is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 169 HP and peak torque of 265 N · m. It is matched with a 6MT and 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, with a combined fuel consumption of 7.1-7.5L for 100km.At present, there are 9 trumpchi M6 models on sale, and the differences of each configuration model are relatively small, so it is easy for friends with different budgets to choose their own models.Geely Jiaji is also a popular MPV in the past two years. Its emergence makes Geely complete its product layout in the MPV market. It is reported that many Jiaji owners were geely Emgrand’s old users before, which is indeed a virtuous cycle for the brand.The modeling of Jiaji is very special. Although the 2022 model adopts the straight waterfall type grille, the frame of the grille is still the original “lettering pattern” style. With the body lines of similar crossover models, it can give high marks in terms of appearance level.The interior of Geely Jiaji adopts a simple T-shaped layout, which will be more comfortable visually. In addition to the material, it also uses a double-layer shift console, which can be put into a carry-on handbag.In terms of details, the new car’s central control screen adopts a flat design, which looks more elegant. With intelligent Internet connection system, it supports convenient voice interaction, online navigation, online audio and video, etc.The length of 2022 Jiaji is 4706mm, the wheelbase is 2805mm, the whole system uses 2+2+2 seat layout, the space is quite excellent.The 2022 Jiaji standard tire pressure monitoring, cruise control, reversing image, automatic parking, panoramic canopy and dual-zone automatic air conditioning, the two high-configuration models also have LED light source, external rearview mirror electric folding, full-speed adaptive cruise and active brake assist and other functions.In terms of power, the fuel version is equipped with a 1.8T engine and a 7-block dual-clutch gearbox, with maximum horsepower of 184, peak torque of 300 nm, and official comprehensive fuel consumption of 7.5L for 100 km.Baojun 360’s positioning is lower than Baojun 730, but its appearance level and practicality can still be comparable to its elder brother Baojun 730. More importantly, the price of the whole system carrying 1.5L power is also more close to the people, plus the current market discount of about 6,000 yuan, cost-effective is really very high.The design of Baojun 360 is not bad. The front grille of “star Matrix” is directly connected with the headlights, which is fashionable and improves the visual width. The design of the side and tail is relatively simple, and the two straight waist lines improve the sense of movement of the vehicle.The length, width and height of this car are 4615/1735/1640mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2750mm. The seats adopt a 2+2+2 6-seat layout, and the second and third rows can be completely recline. The space is practical and flexible.To keep the bar low, baojun 360 doesn’t have a turbocharged engine, but a 1.5L self-priming engine with 99 horsepower and 143 nm of peak torque. It has a 6MT and a CVT transmission that can simulate 8 speed.This set of dynamic parameters is not very strong, but in its durability and stability is good, can eat coarse grain later maintenance cost is very low, many self-employed people like to choose it, with household expenses, of course, there is no problem.Finally, the above three models are not expensive, with excellent appearance and configuration, which can not only meet the travel needs of many people in major holidays, but also can be fully qualified as a commuter car at ordinary times.The holiday has been half, I don’t know where everyone went to play?Or where else are you going?Welcome to comment.(Text: Feng)