Automatic nucleic acid reagent packing machine, rapid detection reagent packing line

2022-07-11 0 By

Over the past 30 years since the reform and opening up, China’s diagnostic reagent market has grown from scratch and grown from small to large, gradually forming a diversified and multi-level consumer market with Chinese characteristics. The scale of the diagnostic reagent market has expanded several times or even dozens of times compared with the initial stage of the reform, and its development achievements are remarkable.With the rising trend of testing reagent market, the demand for product packaging is also increasing.As an automation equipment enterprise, Nuobai has designed, developed and produced an automatic testing reagent packaging machine to meet the market demand.Description: Automatic packing machine is an automatic equipment integrating machine, electricity, gas and light.The packing machine can not only be used for rapid detection of reagent products, but also for carton packaging of other drugs, food, cosmetics, daily necessities and other similar items.In the production of products, packing is an essential link.Automatic box packing machine can automatically load the swab, drawer tube, kit, manual, certificate and so on into the box forming machine, and complete the box folding action, automatic box packing machine also has the function of automatic blanking, labeling machine, coding machine or THREE-DIMENSIONAL packaging machine.The automatic packing machine for nucleic acid detection reagents also has high working efficiency. It only needs 3 employees from the kit to the finished product packing, and the output speed is up to 4000 boxes/hour.The packaging speed is equivalent to 8 employees, saving labor and multi-purpose specifications of a machine.