Jinan latest release!It’s about subway lines 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9

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This year, Jinan plans to implement 161 traffic key projects are expected to complete the investment of 65.93 billion yuan to promote jinan rail transit line 3 phase 2, Line 4, Line 6, line 8 phase 1 project and to Jiyang tram construction strive to start construction of line 7 phase 1, Line 9 phase 1……Jinan’s urban and rural Transport Bureau held an annual mobilization meeting for the city’s transport work and style construction on February 12, reviewing the city’s transport work in 2021 and arranging key tasks for 2022.To serve the national strategy and enhance the status of Jinan as a national hub, one is to speed up the construction of a main axis between Beijing and Shanghai, two corridors along the Yellow River, Qingzhou-Yinchuan, and three regional channels to southern Hebei, northern Anhui and northern Jiangsu, and actively plan the future development of transportation.Second, we will unblock major high-speed rail channels in China.We will speed up the construction of the Ji-Zheng High-speed railway, strengthen its connection with the Zhengzhou-Xi ‘an -Lanzhou-Xining high-speed railway, and accelerate the formation of a “one-character” corridor supporting the Yellow River Basin.Third, we will unblock major national expressways.It has carried out the reconstruction and expansion of national expressways between Beijing and Shanghai, Beijing and Taiwan, and Jinan and Guangzhou, making “Jinan’s contribution” to rebuilding the “Road of Shandong” transportation brand.Fourth, build a modern international airport hub.Speed up the airport phase II renovation and expansion project, strive to start construction of the terminal by the end of the year, to build an international 4F airport.Fifth, we will build new channels for river-sea combined transport.We will complete the main waterway project of the Xiaoqing River, build a first-class smart inland waterway port with high standards, and strive to complete the main waterway and port project at the same time by the end of the year, so as to have navigable conditions.Actively cooperate with the in-depth study of the beijing-Hangzhou Canal and Xiaoqing River connection project, speed up the realization of inland river shipping “river to the sea”.First, speed up the realization of high-speed rail direct connection between provincial capitals and cities in economic circles, and build “one-hour economic circle” with Jinan as the center, radiating 6 surrounding cities.We will actively build high-speed railways and expressways, strengthen connectivity between Jinan and 25 surrounding counties, and serve 18 million people.The jilai high-speed railway and the Huang-Taiwan link line will be completed within this year, and the total mileage of the railway will be 800 kilometers.Construction of Jibin high-speed railway will be started to fill in the links between Binzhou, Dongying and Jinan, so as to fully realize high-speed railway direct links between provincial capital cities and economic circles.We will continue to advance the preliminary work of German-Merchant railway, actively plan and study the Railway from Jinan to Jining and the railway from Laiwu-Linyi, and speed up the formation of a “mi-shaped” high-speed railway intercity network.Second, speed up the construction of the “two ring roads, one link and 16 routes” expressway network, complete the Construction of the Jinan to Gaoqing expressway, speed up the construction of the Jinan to Weifang, Jinan Daxi Ring road, Jinan Dabei Ring road, Gaoqing-Shanghe-Wucheng highway, Jinan to Weishan and other expressways, further optimize and improve the layout of the expressway network.Third, strengthen communication and connectivity with neighboring cities, speed up the construction of provincial Highway 103 tourism highway, coordinate the expansion and renovation of national Highway 104 in Southern Changqing, National Highway 308 in Zhangqiu, and national Highway 309 in Zhangqiu, etc., and continuously upgrade the service level of national highway.One is to build a commuter rail circle in the city.Plan to build the main city to Jiyang, Shanghe, Zhangqiu, Laiwu, Gangcheng, Changqing, Pingyin and other surrounding areas and counties rail transit double channel.Speed up the realization of pingyin to Laiwu, Shanghe to Laiwu, Shanghe to Pingyin peripheral areas and counties rail connectivity.Second, we will create an integrated high-speed and expressways across the region.Strengthen the connection between the central city and the peripheral districts and counties, study and promote the construction of dangjiazhuang to Gushan section of the east extension of north Industrial Road and jinan connection line of Ji-Guang Expressway, and strengthen the mutual connection with the peripheral districts and counties.Strengthen the connection between peripheral districts and counties, study and promote the widening of pingyin section of National Highway 341 and the reconstruction of commercial river section of National Highway 340.Third, we will speed up the construction of rural roads.Over 110 kilometers of rural roads were built or upgraded, 1,100 kilometers of roads were maintained, and 14 Bridges were renovated.The construction of modern urban road network is based on the construction of urban road network.The city was expanded to the north and east. A number of backbone road networks, such as the Yellow River Road and Gangyuan Sixth Road, were opened to traffic, and the construction of backbone road networks, such as the Open Source Road and Chunxuan Road, was promoted.Implement congestion control projects such as Yaoshan South Road and Daweizhuang East Road to improve regional traffic;We will strengthen the construction of urban branch roads and smooth the microcirculation of the road network.The city’s new urban road reconstruction 140 kilometers, constantly improve the density of the city road network.Second, the second phase of rail transit Line 3, Line 4, Line 6, line 8 and the first phase of the tram construction to Jiyang, and strive to start the construction of Line 7, Line 9 first phase.We will actively explore and implement comprehensive development of rail transit TOD to promote intensive and efficient urban development.Service QiBu District road construction implementation QiBu District G220, G308 encountered, advance the issue of the Yellow River avenue, jinan Yellow River bridge of double line bridge, Huang Gang expressway and bridge across the yellow tunnel construction projects such as road tunnel, start the magpie detonated the east road, west China road, district municipal road, along the yellow levee was combined with broadening the arterial road construction, such as power QiBu District development.The construction of roads for high-tech zones will accelerate the development of key projects such as Chunxuan Road, North Road of electrical engineering Institute, and roads in the area of science and technology innovation and Intelligent Manufacturing corridor, and launch the construction of backbone road networks such as Gangyuan Road 6 and Lingang Road West section to lead the development of science and technology innovation Corridor in high-tech zones.To accelerate the preliminary work of key expressways such as Tianji Road and Binhuang Avenue, continue to promote the construction of the first phase of logistics port and the north section of Chunxuan Road, and start the construction of a number of trunk roads and secondary trunk roads such as Tangye Middle Road and East Railway Station area, so as to open up the connecting channels between the four ports and the three districts.Service medical City road construction focuses on promoting the construction of medical Avenue, No. 3 North-south road and other rail-related skeleton roads, improving the construction of supporting roads in life science and technology innovation Industrial zone and medical Silicon Valley area, leading the development of “big health” industry.Service zoning adjustment Road construction to accelerate the promotion of G205 steel city section to change the route, planning and studying projects such as Jilai fast passage, improve the level of laiwu steel City and the central city, to adapt to the administrative zoning adjustment of traffic development needs.County road construction start youth east extension services, Lucy delay, shanghe middle road, jin Ming hui dragon road extension, kam fung street, skeleton yongin, wenchang road, road construction, continue to push forward leap avenue, tourist routes, such as carrying on road construction, supporting the construction of county agricultural area higher avenue key projects, such as strengthening each district and county road network construction of form a complete set, promoting the development of county economy.