Luliang City to fight forest and grassland fire prevention “battle”

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Vegetation tendrons hair, spring mountain is expected, March luliang earth is full of spring.Current rapidly warming temperatures, zhuhai agricultural folk have been developed, the wild dry dry, combined with the qingming festival, “51” holiday approaching, visited the ancestors, outing and other activities gradually increased, the city’s forest fire prevention work into the critical period, the zhuhai compaction each related department responsibility, expanding the scope of the publicity, careful screening hidden trouble, strict control of ignition, intensify supervision,Resolutely shouldering the responsibility of forest grassland fire prevention, the forest grassland fire network woven more dense.Compaction responsibility.Our city authorities resolutely overcome the paralysis of thought, fluky psychology, to strengthen the implementation of the municipal leadership and command system, such as member unit package county main leaders personally deployed to supervise, manager and fire prevention, hands-on, head around “seal mountain, protect forests, look for people”, add 192, temporary bayonet 226 fire inspection, will keep card controls,Ensure 24 hours of duty and leadership shift, so that there is no vacancy of leadership, post is not short of people, responsibility is not out of line, prevention and control without leakage, get through the “last kilometer” of fire prevention responsibility obstruction.Mass prevention and mass governance.The city has carried out multi-channel and diversified forest fire prevention publicity activities, creating a good atmosphere of joint prevention and control and mass prevention and treatment.On the one hand, the city’s important crossroads mizoguchi in installed 331 solar forest fire warning propaganda column, hanging banners with more than 5000, nearly 20 copies distributed leaflets, propaganda materials flow distributed publications environmental propaganda staff flags, relevant departments at the same time into the enterprise, into the campus, into the countryside, and workers, students, parents, farmers signed the fire prevention responsibility and fire told book,Guide the masses to consciously abide by the provisions on fire prevention, to achieve the old and young know, the effect of common participation.On the other hand, wechat, Douyin and other new media have been used to release public interest publicity videos, public interest posters and forest fire protection proposals, effectively raising the public awareness of forest fire prevention.In addition, LAN County, Wenshui county and other relevant departments at all levels actively organized the emergency rescue brigade to carry out spring training and practical exercises, so that we fully master the fire prevention work process, fire prevention work focus, to ensure that the critical moment to pull, use, play.Look for hidden dangers.According to the relevant person in charge of city planning and natural resource bureau, zhuhai promoting forest steppe hidden big screen regulation “one hundred ways of” special action, and a special meeting for many times, fully understand the city’s forest fire risk potential base, organized a clean up the forest road, crisscross zone of agriculture and forestry and other important areas around the weeds and fuel “six” activities,Actively coordinated with the Meteorological Bureau to carry out cloud-seeding operations throughout the city, which greatly reduced the forest fire risk level and removed potential dangers.Strictly controlled.Zhuhai resolutely implement the responsibilities for grid search and fixed-point care two system, strictly implement the “fire prevention code” scan code into the mountains, mountain system, the whole city more than 8100 of the reign of ecological forest protection personnel all on-the-job for forest fire prevention inspections, fight all fire into the mountain into the forest, strengthen construction of ability of dimension is actively planning forest fire remote video monitoring intelligent management platform,Illegal fire use has been found and stopped in a timely manner, forming a multi-dimensional prevention and control network and doing a good job in the control of fire sources.Increase supervision.Powerful supervision work is of great significance to promote measures be born, the city forest fire prevention headquarters office immediately issued special notice, arrange group member units of various counties (city, area) has carried on the supervision inspection package county fire prevention work, supervise the key task, resolutely carry the political responsibility of forest fire prevention work, conscientiously do between staying a duty and obligation between staying,Strictly prevent forest fire, ensure that the land of Luliang green cover, so that the source of fire away from the forest.In addition, all parts of the city actively innovate, prevention methods emerge in an endless stream, Jiaocheng County vigorously change customs, innovation of the centralized sacrifice system, strictly control the use of fire in the field from the source;LAN County established the forest chief system information management platform and forest fire control command platform, the county forest rangers and fire hazards to achieve real-time scheduling……The city has made concerted efforts to fight the “decisive battle” against forest grassland fire, ensuring the absolute safety of forest grassland resources and people’s lives and property.(Reporter Gao Qian) Luliang Daily