Raise orchid for the first time, what breed is chosen to raise well?Teach you 3 formula, novice also can raise good orchid

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Raise orchid for the first time, what breed is chosen to raise well?Teach you 3 tips, beginners can also raise orchids orchids are a lot of flower friends like a kind of flowers, many flower friends will raise a few POTS at home, orchid varieties are very rich, there are chunlan, Huilan, cold orchid, lotus orchid, orchid, ink orchid and so on, and each kind of inside there are many small varieties.It can be said that each has its own strengths, each has different beauty, and conservation methods also have a few different.Have flower friend to say oneself is to raise orchid for the first time recently, do not know to choose what breed is more appropriate, actually major orchid is better raise, and also compare par, with practice hand also is extremely good.If you are the first time to grow flowers, it is recommended to choose the maintenance of simple varieties, and choose the right, rather than blindly pursue expensive goods.The value of orchids varies, a few dollars can buy a seedling, of course, there are thousands of thousands of strains.Novice flower friends can try common varieties, easy to survive, and we will be more and more sense of achievement, such as plant well, then choose a more noble it is not too late.That specific how to choose the orchid that suits oneself to like?Next xiaobian will share a few tips with you, let’s see how to do it.1, according to the economic ability to choose in fact, the process of raising orchids is gradual, novice flower friends can choose a few dollars of seedlings to plant, this process we learn orchid knowledge, orchids well, and then choose more expensive varieties.If you buy expensive goods directly, you lose more than you gain.Xiaobian raised orchids for the first time is from the orchid began maintenance, orchid varieties or relatively rich, simple maintenance, and many orchid have fragrance, such as experience to maintain some orchids that are not good to raise.2, do not blindly follow the trend we will find that there will be a lot of new orchids every year, and quickly become a network of red varieties, many flower friends regardless of 37, 21, directly take home, but in fact, these flowers are difficult to maintain, may be more fragile plants, but also easy to die.So if it is a novice flower friends do not recommend blindly follow the trend, choose their own, and the price of the general network red varieties are more expensive, for novice flower friends really not necessary.3, according to the purpose of raising orchids to choose a lot of flower friends are not the same, most of the flower friends raise orchids are just for pleasure, in the process of raising flowers for pleasure, after raising flowers is very happy, but also orchids can enrich our lives.Of course, there are a small number of flower friends for investment, such as breeding state before selling.If it is the former, then you can choose your favorite variety, before maintenance, check the information to see whether the local environment is suitable for raising this variety.Of course, if it is the latter, then we can choose according to the market demand, and need to choose the popular, so that it will be more popular.Today xiaobian to share with you for the first time how to raise orchids to choose our own varieties, master these points, you can also choose to admire orchids, we are raising what orchids?Feel free to share them in the comment box below.