Fear of loss is the root of pain, where does our calm confidence come from?

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A recent graduate of Tencent shocked the Internet yesterday by criticizing management at the company for working overtime.His amazing four consecutive questions, so that many post-80s to his courage to speak out, dare to speak out full of respect.In the comments section, many people were worried about Tencent’s young man and lamented that they did not have the courage to do so.An executive once said, The most important thing is to find a job that is worth risking your life on.Yitaro Matsuura says in “Beyond Expectations” that he is now risking his life on his job.But do so many ordinary people like me work so crazily because, like him, “work is so fun and glamorous”?No, it’s more about fear.Even Mr Matsuura himself said he was “betting his life”.A “bet” word, the way as we perturbed.We are afraid of losing a steady income when we have children.We are afraid of depriving our parents of support in their old age.We are more afraid of losing our children and living as orphans at an age when they need companionship.Fear that the child will soon grow up and leave, while the parent loses the opportunity to nurture.So we wailed bitterly: IF I want to carry bricks, I can’t hold you; if I want to hold you, I can’t carry bricks.So when the post-00s generation is unwilling to get married and have children, we all understand.While we push our children to study well, we fear that when we are unable to provide for them, they will not be able to stand on their own feet and will live in fear as we do today.On the other hand, we are afraid that if we don’t raise our children properly, they won’t grow up physically and mentally.Our anxieties and fears are quickly passed on to our children.The news of a child’s suicide or depression has parents straining and agonizing over how to raise their children amid constant self-doubt.Lin qingxuan has long concluded that fear of loss is the root of suffering.We need to get rid of the pain and take the world in stride.But how can ability let oneself have calm confidence?01 Confident and confident people have dreams and believe they can make them come true.Confident parents also help their children build confidence and believe in their abilities.At that time, Fu Yuanhui quickly became the favorite of the whole country. Some people still remember her place in swimming, but I believe many people will still remember her saying “I have used my prehistorical power”.In the interview at that time, a few words and actions naturally revealed the girl’s confidence, as well as fu’s attitude of respect, encouragement, appreciation and trust.With the unconditional love and support of her parents, she has the strength and confidence to enjoy every competition, even at the Olympics.That’s something all of us parents should learn.02 self-improvement calm confidence comes from confidence, confidence comes from their own strength.Zhang Ailing’s life, often let a person mixed feelings, unavoidable sigh.But every time the injury, will not let Zhang Ailing trapped in the past forever, she will heal, and then go out.Because even when she was addicted to love, she never put aside her favorite thing — writing.Every piece of hurt, she turned into a wonderful article.Zhang Ailing with a pen, out of the shackles of parents and feelings of harm.She can not only support herself, but also give the man break up money, so that she calmly turn around.But Eileen Chang was reluctant to support her brother because she was angry with him for not arguing.In those days, she and her aunt were able to earn their own living, while her brother was weak, irresponsible and didn’t even try to get an education.If we also have zhang Ailing such a self-strengthening heart, perhaps leave a job, like Zhang Ailing, less a fear, more a calm.If we can also give the child such a self-strengthening heart, god helps those who help themselves, we can take the time to watch the child grow up, rather than so timid, afraid of losing the child at any time.Granaries are well stocked.If money is the strength of a person, then when we stop worrying about food and clothing, when we stop losing sleep over unknown possibilities, that is when we can take a moment to look at ourselves and focus on our children.But kids don’t grow up waiting for us to be ready. You can’t have your cake and eat it.We must choose, and we must be able to choose.We may be afraid, confused, and miserable when we are unprepared. But as long as we continue to learn and grow, acknowledge our limitations, and accept who we really are, then we can trust in our ability to raise children, and we can have the courage to live more confidently and calmly.