Focus on the implementation of major strategies and shoulder the “responsibility of the country”!Qingdao is determined to win a major strategic battle

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Focusing on the implementation of major strategies and carrying out the “responsibility of the country”, Qingdao has consolidated strategic synergy, released the superimposed effect, and promoted a higher level of opening-up. Ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin, construction of Shanghai Cooperation Demonstration Zone, construction of Qingdao area of Shandong Pilot Free Trade Zone, ocean management, rural revitalization…These national strategies have been full of the strong entrustment of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the CPC Central Committee. The city has committed itself to supporting the development of its major national strategies, and is striving to boost the backbone of Qingdao’s high-quality development with each of them.The intersection of national strategy and urban dream, to find the coordinate of advance, can answer “the aspiration of the country, the aspiration of the people”.Looking ahead to 2022, Qingdao is focused on the major strategic implementation, strengthen the development of responsibility to bear further falls the fine implementation of the Yellow River basin ecological protection and high quality development, running on the ocean, rural revitalization, demonstration area construction, free trade area in shandong Qingdao and other major strategic area construction, promote major strategic “clutch into boxing”, better release the superimposed effect, further enhance to carry out the important strategyThe resultant force, boost Qingdao higher level of opening up.”Solve the problem” the Yellow River basin high-quality development of the Yellow River peace, peace and prosperity.Xi jinping, general secretary of the heart of the Yellow River, during the last visit in shandong during the field know the Yellow River basin ecological protection and development of high quality, chaired a further promote the development of the Yellow River basin ecological protection and high quality symposium, demands of shandong efforts “in promoting the Yellow River basin before walking on ecological protection and high quality development in”.Since last year, Qingdao has actively integrated itself into the strategy of ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin, issued and implemented the “14th Five-year” integrated development plan for Jiaodong Economic Circle, led the establishment of the “3+N” working mechanism, and accelerated the construction of key areas such as laixi Laiyang Integrated development pilot Zone.Significant progress has been made in the integration of the Two countries.This year on January 19, in shandong province development and reform commission official website release information -, with the approval of the government of shandong province, issued by the provincial development and reform commission lacey integration development area in laiyang construction implementation plan “, marks the first regional integration development area in the province approved by the construction, the goal is to build a “jiaodong economy new growth pole, the county city development model,” two mountains “base buildingSet a model and national benchmark for urban-rural integration “.Qingdao strives to break through and wade out a road of regional integration development and innovation.Before being promoted as a provincial strategy, Qingdao has gone through a solid two-year process of research, deployment, practice and implementation to promote the integrated development of “Shuang-Lai”.Through in-depth research, learning and reference, the breakthrough path of “Shuanglai” integration pilot zone is increasingly clear.To innovate the system and mechanism, established the first cross-regional integrated platform operation company in the province. So far, 45 projects have been introduced, with a total investment of 26.96 billion yuan.Efforts were made to facilitate administrative examination and approval, and the two cities promoted the cross-city implementation of more than 160 items.The upcoming implementation of passenger trains, the original 8 passenger trains per day is planned to upgrade to inter-city rapid bus……From the development experience of the Yangtze River Delta, pearl River Delta and other urban agglomerations, the rise of county economy must do a good job in serving the central city, the central city.As the first county integration pilot zone in Shandong province, the planning, construction and implementation of “Shuang-Lai” integration pilot zone means that the integration development of Jiaodong economic circle has achieved a breakthrough in county integration.What will be done in the future with the integration of The Two countries?”Plan” to give the answer, its supporting issued laixi Laiyang integrated development of the pilot zone key issues, key projects and planning projects “three lists”.In key projects, for example, under the guidance of jiaodong joint economic integration development office, the two cities have combed the integration area in top ten key projects, including lai Yang city G204, G308 GuoShengDao encountered engineering and lacey had Beijing road, road east extension project of meishan road traffic infrastructure construction project, Beijing automobile and parts industrial park, double haier think tankHuichu Electronics Industrial Park and other industrial projects.With “double lai” integration development area as the forerunner, jiaodong lingang international airport economic circle is advancing the jiaozhou – density cooperation zone, pingdu – laizhou – nearbu green chemical linkage area construction, such as exploring the west coast of Qingdao, new city, wulian port-vicinity industry, haiyang, laiyang, cieme linkage area such as Marine industry, promote efficient resource allocation, system integration system innovation, county territory economy to high qualityThe amount of development.With the acceleration of the integration of Jiaodong economic circle with Qingdao, Yantai, Weihai, Weifang and Rizhao as the core, the new movement of high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin is also accelerating.The “dual-wheel drive” initiative will lead the way in opening up.The Shanghai Cooperation Demonstration Zone and the Qingdao area of the Shandong Pilot Free Trade Zone are like “twin stars” in Jiaozhou Bay, shining even more brightly under the shinning east wind.Relying on state-level open platforms, the Shanghai Cooperation Demonstration Zone and the Qingdao area of the Shandong Pilot Free Trade Zone have made solid progress in institutional innovation, promoting the “double recruitment and double introduction” policy, and strengthening the implementation of projects. The construction of tower cranes is in full swing, and the grand picture and vivid scene of high-quality development have emerged everywhere.On February 1, just after midnight of the Lunar New Year, the FIRST RCEP certificate of origin for the ROK was issued in the Shanghai Cooperation Demonstration Zone.On the morning of February 8, 25 key projects with a total investment of 44.6 billion yuan in Qingdao area of Shandong Pilot Free Trade Zone started construction, sounding the call of high-quality development in 2022.Expand channel, build platform, expand influence.Shanghai demonstration zone around the “build a new platform” all the way ‘ ‘area of international cooperation, to build international logistics, modern trade and two-way investment cooperation, business communication development “four centers”, demonstration area construction in full swing, accelerate the international trains lines from 2 to 15 in 2019, the cumulative gathered more than 1700 trade subject, the demonstration zone and the scoChina’s trade volume increased nearly four times from 850 million yuan in 2019 to about 4 billion yuan in 2021.Qingdao Free Trade Zone has also made remarkable achievements. In 2021, foreign trade exceeded 180 billion yuan, an increase of over 60%.Paid-in foreign investment exceeded US $700 million, an increase of over 35%.It has introduced 21 investment projects from the world top 500, including Orix, totaling 136.Anchor the target and forge ahead.According to the outline of “difference”, Qingdao Qingdao to Shanghai demonstration zone into a two-way investment and trade between the sco related parts of the country of system innovation experimental zone, enterprise startup industrial clusters, “area” local leading area of economic and trade cooperation, which means that the demonstration area to higher position, a wider field of vision design construction development, must strengthen the interconnectivity, platform was builtWith the establishment and institutional innovation, we will make every effort to promote the construction of the China-SCO Economic and Trade School, accelerate the coupling fusion of SCO resources, and strive to become a “test field” for the reform and opening up of the whole country, the whole province and the whole city.Qingdao to new heights to forge a country opening to the free trade area, along the Yellow River basin innovation centre, modern sea, international trade, such as main land to develop industrial convergence, this means that the free trade area to open to promote the development of high quality, high level to build open platform, to do big key industries, to the international rules to promote institutional innovation, to build internationally competitive influential sinceBy the pilot trade zone.The ocean is the biggest development advantage of Qingdao, and the ocean is the best way for Qingdao to start its trend in the era of blue economy.On January 25th this year, guoxin 1, the world’s first large-scale intelligent fishery breeding ship of 100,000 tons invested and built by Guoxin China Shipping Company, was successfully docked and launched in Qingdao. After 392 days of ship construction, “Guoxin 1” entered the debugging and final stage and is expected to be delivered and put into operation in the first half of this year.To speed up the industry, construction of guosen 2 and 3 ships will start this year.At present, Guoxin aquaculture industrial vessel project has been listed in the “2020 Comprehensive Pilot Project of Modern Marine Pasture” by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. The implementation of this project will build a new model of far-reaching Marine industrialization and green aquaculture, expand the new space for fishery development, and promote China’s mariculture industry to go deep blue.On October 28 last year, China’s largest national Marine fisheries biological germplasm Banks opening operation in Qingdao, Marine fishery biological resources has been completed, sample storage exceeds 100000, the next 10 years germplasm resources capacity will reach 340000, marked the our country aquatic germplasm resources conservation and utilization level of biodiversity, ocean fisheries protection to a new level.A major breakthrough, witnessing the strong pulse of Qingdao ocean development.In recent years, Qingdao has set the goal of Marine scientific and technological innovation and fought a tough battle to lead Marine scientific and technological innovation. The environment for Marine scientific and technological innovation has been further optimized, and the ability of scientific and technological innovation to promote high-quality development of Marine economy has been further enhanced.Platform gathering, talent gathering.Brings together the domestic first-class, Qingdao ocean university, research institutes and ocean high-end talent, has accounted for about one 5 of the country’s Marine scientific research institutions, more than a third of the ministerial Marine high-end research and development platform, the member of a third of the nation’s Marine areas, nearly half of the Marine science and technology talent, has pilot national laboratories, national deep-sea Marine base, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, big oceanScience research Center and other state-level high-end Marine innovation platform.In the first three quarters of 2021, Qingdao’s Marine GDP reached 312.96 billion yuan, up 20.7 percent year-on-year, accounting for 30.4 percent of the regional GDP.Keep forging ahead and open up the future.Recently, Qingdao ocean development created the “difference” Qingdao Marine economic development plan, set a new target for Qingdao Marine development, points out that Qingdao will focus on strengthening the Marine science and technology innovation, optimize the structure of Marine industry, promote the coordinated development of regional economy, improve the ability of Marine resources development, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, deepening cooperation Marine economic opening to the outside world, furtherStrengthen Marine functions and features, build a leading modern Marine city, speed up the construction of global Marine central city, strive to significantly enhance the influence of global Marine central city by 2025, to advance into the forefront of the world city system by 2035, and make greater contributions to the construction of a maritime power and a strong Marine province.To build a model pilot area for rural revitalization in Qilu, a vast expanse of fertile land, and pursue our dreams.Agricultural “new six products” development index continues to rank first in the province, grain production to achieve “19 lianfeng”, the province took the lead in the introduction of agriculture and rural areas to promote common prosperity of municipal documents, undertaken 14 national and provincial rural reform pilot……In 2021, Qingdao will take the rural revitalization strategy as the main focus of the “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” work in the new era, adhere to the priority of agricultural and rural development, vigorously implement the rural revitalization strategy, continue to consolidate and expand poverty alleviation achievements, accelerate the development of the qilu model of rural revitalization pilot zone, rural revitalization industry development to a new level.In pingdu City, Jiudian Town Wanhui Phalaenopsis industrial Park in the greenhouse, more than 30 varieties, more than 100,000 strains of Phalaenopsis flowers blooming, not listed on the order;Laixi Nestle Garbo Fruit Puree Project has been officially put into operation, with an annual output of 1000 tons and an annual output of 4800 tons after full production.The Yipin Dairy project is scheduled to go into operation in February this year. After completion, the project can handle 500 tons of fresh goat milk per day, making it the largest goat milk powder processing base in China.The vivid examples are just like the sonorous steps of Qingdao’s accelerated rural revitalization.Rural revitalization, industry first.By the end of 2021, Qingdao had added 44 new industrial development projects linking the achievements of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, with an estimated annual revenue of more than 10 million yuan after all of them are completed.There are 42 key rural revitalization projects under construction in The city, with an investment of 8.073 billion yuan.In the first three quarters of 2021, the added value of the primary industry was 33.47 billion yuan, up 7.1% year on year.The per capita disposable income of rural residents was 22,143 yuan.This year is a key stage to build a model of rural revitalization in Qilu during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.On December 27 last year, shandong provincial government issued the “14th Five-year Plan of Promoting Agricultural and Rural Modernization in Shandong Province”, which clearly proposed the development orientation of “building qilu model province of rural revitalization, leading province of high-quality development of agriculture and rural areas, and promoting the construction of strong modern agriculture province and leading province”.On development layout, “planning” that the complementary and mutually promote the overall planning of workers and peasants, adhere to the agricultural modernization and modernization of rural integration design, adhere to the overall layout and focal coordinate, adhere to the pilot development and node lead promote each other, to speed up the formation of the regional industry innovation synergy, lead and county comprehensive plan as a whole, the garden is optimized interaction, thousand town, villageThe pattern of agricultural and rural modernization development.In the whole province rural revitalization layout, Qingdao is given the important task again.Taking regional industrial coordination as an example, among the six advantages and characteristic industrial belts emphasized in the Plan, there are three advantages and characteristic industrial belts related to Qingdao.For example, we will build Marine fishery industrial belts in coastal areas such as Qingdao, accelerate the construction of modern Marine pastures, and promote far-reaching Marine smart farming to achieve green and healthy development of Marine fisheries.We will build a high-end agricultural industrial belt on the Jiaodong Peninsula by relying on Qingdao and other cities, give full play to the advantages of being close to Japan and The ROK, and promote the development of comprehensive pilot zones for local agricultural cooperation with foreign countries.Relying on Qingdao to build a digital agricultural industrial belt along the Jiaojia-Jinan Railway, build a number of intelligent agricultural application bases and digital agricultural industrial parks, and promote the digital transformation of agricultural production and operation.Hard work creates history and hard work creates the future.The original intention is proof, the mission is answer.Qingdao, burdened with a number of “national responsibilities”, is making a strong start and winning the crucial strategic battle to promote a higher level of opening to the outside world with its vigorous spirit, vigorous energy and ambitious spirit.(Qingdao Daily/Sea View News reporter Xi Fuchun)