LNG power ranking to the world’s first?Jinshen encounter RNG, the time to test the quality

2022-07-12 0 By

This season, LPL has seen a lot of changes in the league pattern due to the completion of a large number of teams. In addition to EDG and RNG, the two established giants are still strong, IG and TES have fallen out of the first tier.At present, LNG is the most beautiful boy in the league. Currently, it has seven wins and zero losses, ranking the first in the league. From the dark horse in the world championship last season, it has gradually grown into the top force in the league.Next, LNG will meet the challenge of RNG with unbeatable strength. This season, DUE to the addition of DOINB, LNG team’s system is gradually mature and the chemical reaction is also perfect.The old adage “a team with DOINB can never be weak” has been confirmed. LNG has shot up to number one in the world according to a new round of world rankings, but RNG is no light at the end of the road. It is currently number three in the world, and LPL’s dominating the top four has also made players happy.According to the prediction index given by professional esports prediction platform, LNG is 1.78 ahead of RNG 2.04, and the two sides are close to the same strength.ALE versus ABIN, and Tiger versus DOINB, are the highlights of the week.At present, RNG’s downwind GALA is still a little less than that of djinn. With LNG nakano’s consistent solid performance, RNG will have to be at 120% to break LNG’s gold.In addition to the key, is also worth a look against IG EDG, IG team this season has been completely torn down, now the new people’s performance is very unstable, the team record in the middle of the league is perfectly acceptable, in the face of EDG this champion team, more should IG is learning attitude, understand teams running ideas,What IG should be thinking about is keeping up with the pace and playing as well as possible.According to the prediction index of professional esports prediction platform, EDG is 1.14 ahead of IG’s 5.72, which is a wide gap.It is worth mentioning that the new STAFF of IG has performed well in the ZIKA epidemic recently, which has received praise from many IG and is expected to become the backbone of the new IG.And ZIKA said in an interview that he wanted to be the guy with the gun.However, there is a big gap between the two technical styles. I don’t know what ZIKA can do when I meet the idol this time.All in all, the game on the weekend was very exciting, especially left NG versus right NG, which side do you think has a better chance?Feel free to discuss it below!