Life with notes, happy every day

2022-07-12 0 By

A person’s beliefs, can determine a person’s actions.I went out this morning and saw a man dressed in black repairing the road surface on a bumpy road.The old railway road on the side of the road is dark stones, the man is a little thin, with a spade to go back and forth several times, on foot to fill the cement road surface irregular large holes.This section of road left over by demolition is a shortcut for people from several nearby villages to the southeast, and there are many pedestrians going back and forth during commuting time.I seldom pass this road, especially on rainy days, preferring to take a detour.The man’s thin and laboured appearance left an impression on me. When I came back, I took another road and didn’t take a picture for him, which was a bit regretful.I know that the pavement has been repaired many times, and I enjoyed the convenience without seeing who did it.I know that potholes will still be there in a few days.But I don’t know if this road, which I don’t often walk on, is the same person who can feel the road that someone has repaired…Since ancient times, building Bridges and roads has been a practice of virtue. I know some people will be happy to do it…Lifting a finger of matter, I often do, but not to accumulate good, just can’t help but a behavior.Passing by the faucet of rushing water, I will not hesitate to close its valve, because at that moment my heart will hurt.Every night to walk in the boulders, I could not hesitate bent down to pick them up, because I am afraid it will be on my way back give me a surprise attack (too understand your temper, walk don’t look at road, ha ha ha ha) on the road a hit my face was painful in the willow branches, I would seriously stopped a car, wrests, remove it.Because I was afraid of those students coming home from school at night, their speed on bikes, their eyes, couldn’t stop the fatal blow, because I thought of my nearsighted son.(I tend to be extreme and always think from the worst.) I hate refined egoists. Sometimes I can only sigh deeply when I see them, and I can’t stop them.The sound of running water stimulates me to fidget, and the light in broad daylight quietly and without interest makes me feel nameless and depressed…I can do, I will not care about other people’s eyes, I can not do, can only sigh from the heart……I’m sorry, the world I live in, there’s so much more I can’t do…Throughout the day, be thankful and happy.Once a pain in the text, is also a happiness in the text.Write, write, walk, walk, stop.